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2016-10-09 Drawing/Calligraphy/Cartooning - re: two more:

Howdy Tom  did you get my last expert reply? I would love to help you more but,   I see that you need a lot of help here, and I was wondering if you   would consider lessons?  These toon's need a lot of

2016-10-09 Drawing/Calligraphy/Cartooning - watercolors:

Howdy Rob!  Wow! Your life is actually parallel to mine. I am also a writer, and I've just HOPEFULLY published my art book after 10 years, called "MY CAT CAN DRAW BETTER THAN I! WHY!" of dinking with it

2016-10-08 Drawing/Calligraphy/Cartooning - watercolors:

Howdy Tom!  Nothing will be beyond your abilities  when you understand the subject that you are doing.   LOL.   My first question to you much art have you done? What is your knowledge of perspective

2016-10-02 Drawing/Calligraphy/Cartooning - watercolors:

Hi Tom,  Sorry this has taken so long to reply, my internet was down for a week, so I just got it up to answer your question this piece in my opinion looks like a mixed media watercolor and


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