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2017-03-15 Football Instruction - Playing Zone Coverage/tackling:

Hello Jack,    Let me apologize for the slow response. Normally, we are pretty good at getting back to the "questioner" immediately.    Now, congrats!!, on being accepted to the JV football team. Once

2017-03-09 College Football - visor:

Luke,    Again, if it is clear (no tinting) and you can clearly see the eyes of the player, it is likely legal.  All comes down to the officials on the field, but the rule simply says that it "must be

2017-03-09 College Football - visor:

Luke,    Let me preface this by saying that any rule changes this year (which would be for safety reasons only) are not out yet, but I haven't seen anything about this rule changing.    The answer is yes

2017-01-03 College Football - Unsportsmanlike conduct ejections:

Michael,    Great question.  I did not see this particular play.      Under the Rules, when a player is disqualified for targeting in the second half of a game, the player is also disqualified for the

2017-01-01 College Football - Clock Rules:

Douglas,    I didn't see the play that you describe. By rule, the clock status is determined by the result of the play, if there been no foul.  So, because the clocked stopped for the ball going out of


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