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2017-01-03 College Football - Unsportsmanlike conduct ejections:

Michael,    Great question.  I did not see this particular play.      Under the Rules, when a player is disqualified for targeting in the second half of a game, the player is also disqualified for the

2017-01-01 College Football - Clock Rules:

Douglas,    I didn't see the play that you describe. By rule, the clock status is determined by the result of the play, if there been no foul.  So, because the clocked stopped for the ball going out of

2017-01-01 College Football - Recovery of a muffed/mishandled punt:

Ken    The simple answer is Yes, but there are some aspects of the rule you should understand.     If the Kick returner -  Receiver has an opportunity to catch the kick after the muff, he must be given

2016-12-17 College Football - Is the ball live or dead?:

Greg,    Tough to answer without seeing the play.  So, the ball bounced over the sideline and the Team A player possessed it outside of the end zone?  Once Team A gains possession, the ball is dead.  A


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