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2016-09-21 Domestic Violence - How do I start to feel comfortable again?:

Hello Sara,    First I want to congratulate you.  It took a huge amount of courage to leave a relationship that was so terribly abusive. I applaud you.     I also applaud you for getting professional help

2016-09-21 Domestic Violence - How to feel comfortable again after an abusive relationship:

Hello Sara:    I appreciate your inquiry. I am so sorry for the abuse you endured, but it is good that you took steps necessary to remove yourself out of harms way. There is no one specific way to heal

2016-09-19 Self Defense - Is revenge for an offense always wrong (especially killings to avenge an unforgivable sin such as rape)?:

Go read "The Righteous Mind" by Jonathan Haidt.  It will help you understand a lot of the elements you're asking about. He mentions the differences between indivdiualistic, socio-centric and divine cultures

2016-09-17 Self Defense - Multiple Opponents Question:

First off I don't watch video of other people's system or demonstrations and answer questions about what they're doing.    Second, multiple attackers is a desperate situation.  It's not something that

2016-09-17 Self Defense - What is fluidity in the martial arts?:

> I see people all the time use the word interchangeably with speed, agility, precision, and technique. Is it the same as those attributes?    Uhhh no.     Speed, agility, precision and a boatload of other


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