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2017-03-28 Self Defense - How come weapons play just as much an equal role defensively as the shield when wielding both?:

Go read Bernard Cornwall's Saxon Chronicles/ Warrior Chronicles /Uhtred of Beddenburg series (it depends on who publishes them as to what they're called.) George RR Martin said Cornwall writes the best

2017-03-22 Women`s History - Alice Paul's Dedication to Women's Suffrage:

Dear Sara:    Your first question is too broad for me to deal with as one could write a book about the roles of women before the second wave of the women's movement started in the 1960s. I don't think

2017-03-21 Self Defense - Knife use drills:

Look using a knife to kill is easy. The hardest part about self-defense is when you're legally allowed to us that amount of force, someone is in the middle of trying to kill you.    Focus more about keeping

2017-03-19 Self Defense - Knife use drills:

The answer isn't really about drills. It goes much, much deeper than that. It's about familiarity of the object in your hand.     The peoples who allegedly have the best blade systems are usually cultures

2017-03-09 Nail Care & Manicures - Prosthetic Toenail:

Hi Hannah,  Thank you for your email, I understand that you had part of your toenail surgically removed and the nail bed didn't grow back normally. I am certified with LCN to do gel prosthetic toenails


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