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Senior Housing

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2016-09-20 Nursing Home/Long Term Care/Home Care - Choosing between long-term care and home care:

Chris,  Good Evening.  I can appreciate your dilemma regarding weighing the cost of long term care insurance vs the benefit.     Here are a couple of thoughts that I submit for your to consider when trying

2016-07-09 Nursing Home/Long Term Care/Home Care - Retirment home for 94 year old:

Dear Bob,   Good Evening.    Fortunately, for your Mom there are many more choices about where seniors can live verses the previous generations of seniors.  In the past, many seniors either lived at home

2016-07-06 Nursing Home/Long Term Care/Home Care - Difficult Senior:

Alicia,   I am sorry to hear of the challenging situation that you are in!      First, I will say that we find that many seniors if they were mean and hateful most of their adult lives,  they remain the


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