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Native American Culture

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2017-03-16 Native American Culture - squash blossom:

This wonderful necklace appears to be Zuni work. It's an early example of "Needlepoint" stone lapidary and setting. The blossoms also show a form of the shadowbox setting that evolved to become quite popular

2017-03-03 Native American Culture - Native American symbols:

All around the world, humans developed symbolic communications for all kinds of different reasons. Everywhere, these are still in sue, although the original meaning may be lost, they still serve an important

2017-03-01 Native American Culture - Native American representation in school curriculums:

Dear Writer    Thank you for this question on an important issue.  While this topic is outside my area of expertise,  I would recommend material from the Smithsonian Institution.  The following website

2017-02-06 Native American Culture - Differences between tribes and how they're treated:

Mina, that's quite a question. First, let me say that it is really important to confirm that when you say "treated" you are speaking of how the Non-Native public treats the Native public, right? Part of

2017-01-12 Native American Culture - native american dna:

Sorry to hear that. You'll have to keep cajoling them until they help, because a DNA test will not give you anything useful beyond a component of Native blood. It won;t tell you who or where it came from


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