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Native American Culture

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2016-12-06 Native American Culture - Identifying a native blanket:

This seems to be imported, horizontally loomed, embroidered trade work from South America, probably Peru, but Ecuadorian Native People also produces textiles like this. Southwestern Navajo weaving is done

2016-11-29 Native American Culture - culture:

I think one of the problems we face as a species is our tendency to want to reduce things to common denominators all the time. Truth is, we're more diverse than we can get our brains around. The only answer

2016-11-28 Native American Culture - Painting:

You can attach a couple of images (in good, sharp focus) of the painting, to a followup question and I'll do what I can. I would also contact the anthropology dept. of the University of Minnesota to see

2016-11-25 Native American Culture - Maker's Mark: Native American Pendant:

Madison; We have only fifteen notes on different Nez family silversmiths, none who sign with an "M". Nez is a Navajo name, and from the style of the work, my guess would place the piece in or around Gallup

2016-10-03 Native American Culture - Ray Tracey jewelry:

Ray Tracey Studios uses sterling as well as gold fill, gold overlay (soldered atop sterling backing) and full gold in jewelry it makes. I've never seen anh overall gold plated piece from them, but it may


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