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Advice on Buying Computers & Peripherals

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2017-02-22 Macs/Apples - ITS NICE AND FIRM:

Cameron,  Thanks for writing! Wikipedia has a nice page on this:    Firmware is low-level programming contained in (sometimes) flash memory, providing access to

2017-01-31 Macs/Apples - DO YOU FEEL THE CONNECTION:

Cameron,  Thanks for writing!    A few things can cause a Magic Mouse to disconnect from a computer.  1. BlueTooth/rf interference: devices or transmitters that use the same or similar frequencies as BlueTooth

2017-01-29 Components for Building Computers From - Questioning my choice of mobo:

I'm still with you :)  Before going to the extent of a whole new mobo and processor, we need to look down the RAM path. You may already have but I need to make sure because this has been an issue many

2017-01-24 Buying a computer system - RE::

Generally laptops are not as reliable, for a few reasons:    - They are generally designed only to be disposed/replaced, as opposed to repaired or upgraded.  - They are increasingly all-plastic in construction

2017-01-14 Components for Building Computers From - Which gaming PC should I buy:

Before I spend a lot of time going to all the links amd comparing all the machines you listed, which is beyond the scope of a volunteer, with the money you have to spend I would go to


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