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Advice on Buying Computers & Peripherals

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2017-03-19 Monitors - Power save mode:

Can you please elaborate a bit on the equipment involved in this? Generally speaking if a display is in power save mode it is because it doesn't detect a valid input - this is usually observed when the

2017-03-17 Buying a computer system - Toshiba Satellite M45 Laptop*:

Can you provide more information about the system's specifications, and what operating system it is running, and what tasks are leading you to the conclusion that it is "very slow" (e.g. is it a specific

2017-03-16 Buying a computer system - Processors:

What do you mean by "series 6"? Can you provide a specific model number?    In modern Intel marketing-speak, Pentium has been re-imagined as a "mid range" offering, above ultra-efficient or low-cost offerings

2017-02-28 Macs/Apples - iPad photos:

Ernie,  Thanks for writing! I attempted to replicate this on my iPad, unsuccessfully.  When I press and hold on a photo (iOS 10.2.1) it offers to save the image(s), quick look them, open in another app

2017-02-22 Macs/Apples - ITS NICE AND FIRM:

Cameron,  Thanks for writing! Wikipedia has a nice page on this:    Firmware is low-level programming contained in (sometimes) flash memory, providing access to


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