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2016-07-25 Desktop Video - Question re resizing PC videos:

I haven't found anything that does a good job of compressing video files without stepping on them pretty badly.    The good news is that external drives aren't super expensive anymore. A quick Google search

2016-07-03 Desktop Video - Handbrake:

Avidemux is reputable open source software. No adware or anything like that. I have used it for years on Linux and Mac without a problem. MPEG Streamclip is not open source, but the company that produces

2016-07-03 Desktop Video - Handbrake:

I'm not sure what you mean by "recorded in mpeg-4". Do you mean create an mpeg-4 file for the DVD authoring software? Or the other way round?    If you /convert/ a DVD to MPEG-4, or author an MPEG-4 onto

2016-07-03 Desktop Video - Video saving.:

Hi    I am shooting in the dark here, as my experience is in the Mac equivalent (i-DVD/DVD Studio Pro). All DVDs need to be in MPEG-2 format -- that's hardcoded into the hardware of a standard DVD player

2016-07-02 Desktop Video - Video saving.:

Hi    MPEG-4 is not exclusive to Handbrake. It's just a very common and popular container for web video (streaming and youtube). For a bit more on containers and codecs please look at the link I posted


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