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Robert P. Firriolo

General constitutional (Second Amendment) and federal firearm law inquiries. New York State and New York City laws and regulations on firearms. Use of force in self-defense. DISCLAIMER: While this site is called AllExperts and this field is captioned "Expertise," this individual is not holding himself out as an "expert" in any legal area of practice. Some jurisdictions require certain qualifications and/or certifications in order to use the label "expert" in connection with a law practice. Participation in this online service is not intended to state or imply "expert" qualifications in any jurisdiction.

Dean Speir

I can answer questions about Handguns, Rifles, Ammunition, the Firearms Industry, the "gunzine game," practical accessories for self-defense (CCW) handguns; rumor control on firearms myths, errata on the "gunshop grapevine."

I am NOT an Attorney, and nothing I provide here should be relied upon as legal advice. Therefore, please do NOT make inquiries about Criminal Justice issues... this is the Second Amendment topic.

Nor do I do "Private Consultations." Want to made it "private," retain an attorney.

Dan Haynes

I will answer questions on the 2nd amendment from both historical and present day applications. I will answer questions on the right to keep and bear arms and the significance of this right. I will not answer questions that require legal interpretation or those that are outside of my areas of expertise.

Paul Edward Zukowski


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2017-03-14 In Pennsylvania is it legal to own a pistol with a felon in the household:

While I am not an attorney and cannot comment on specific legal issues, especially those outside my own state of NY, I will note that this issue came up with well-known convicted felon (and Prohibited

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