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Carl Brandt

Will discuss suspensions, lifts, lockers along with tire suggestions. Trail ratings and possible requirements needed for specific type of trails. Safety equipment and what you should carry with you. Certified off-road instructor. I am not a mechanic, and 4-Wheeling is a hobby, so if I can't answer a technical question it is due to my mechanical knowledge being related to vehicles that I have owned, or have worked on. I do not have manuals on all vehicles, and I suggest that you obtain a repair manual for mechanical problems and do some research before asking your question. Most mechanical questions can't be answered completely without looking at, or listening to the vehicle in person.

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2016-10-05 oil check:

Gabe,    This really doesn't make sense, as the dip stick is inserted into the oil and both sides should have the same amount of oil on them.    I would warm it up before checking the oil anyway, as the

2016-10-03 Rough Idle:

Michael,    First of all, there is no such thing as a flathead engine anymore.  They were done away with in the late 50's or so, so if the mechanic told you that is what it is, then it's time to find a

2016-09-26 ball joints:

B,    If you are changing one, you should change both.  If the lower ball joint is starting to wear, a new upper can put more stress on it, and it will have to be replaced soon anyway.  It's much easier

2016-08-28 1997 tracker have same front diff (and gears) as a 2003 chevy tracker ?:

Rhianna,  According to what I can find, the differentials were changed in 1999.  When changing the differentials, it is mandatory that the gear ratio is the same as the rear differential.  There were several

2016-08-13 Lr3 Bluetooth:

Colins,    It sounds like a phone problem.    Remove the bluetooth link from the phone, then take the battery out of the phone for a minute or so to reset the phone.  Replace the battery, and link the

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