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Kevin Hou

I`m familiar with Windows 95/98/2K/XP/7 problems and will try my best to assist you. Feel free to ask any software or hardware related questions.

scott bartholomew

General trouble shooting Hardware issues Networking issues I am not a software developer,but I can do some basic scripting in DOS and BASH.


I can answer questions based on the Windows 7 environment as in;
  • Procedural common troubleshooting such as BLUE SCREENS,Frozen screens..ETC
  • Operating System upgrade/downgrade procedural advice...
  • Installation/Removal/Elevation of programs...
Windows XP assistance please visit WINDOWS XP TROUBLESHOOTING. For questions based on Viruses and Infections please visit COMPUTER SECURITY & VIRUSES.

Computers Unlimited LLC

Computers Unlimited LLC can answer question in many areas of Windows 7 including installing, upgrading, downgrading and updating Windows 7. We can also answer question about security issues such as malware and virus removal.

Mike Dacre

As I have been volunteering in the 'windows' category since the inception of AllExperts, which has now moved to numerous windows categories. I will therefore be happy to answer any Windows 7,8 and 10 based question. What can't I answer? Not much, as this is the main reason I volunteered here, because I am hopeful the questions I can not answer will allow me to investigate the problem so that I can answer it. The TIPS and SOFTWARE support through my website at can also be of some help.

PowerEdge Tech

I can answer nearly all questions about Windows 7 - installation, upgrade, virtualization (XP Mode and beyond), configuration, how to get the most out of it, how to buy it, etc. I won't pretend to know it all - nobody can - if I don't know, I will try and find the answer. If I can't find it, I'll tell you.


On Vacation
returns 03/31/2017
I have familiarized myself with the windows environment since Windows 95. Windows 7 is one of the best operating systems i am familiar with, and am willing to help anybody with problems they may have. Be it hardware, software, or simply the Windows environment itself.

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2017-03-06 schedule task:

Is that file opened or locked by another application? If it is, a batch file will probably not work since you will need to end the process locking the file.    I can't view the screenshot (too small) but

2017-01-07 booting issues:

Hi Wayne,    You will need to be able to boot from the Windows 7 install DVD. Double check your BIOS settings to make sure it's the first device that boots before the hard drive. If needed, try resetting

2017-01-06 Saving Files Before upgrading:

Hi Ryo,    Thanks for answering all those questions. What old files are you referring to that might have viruses on them? I thought you wiped everything and reinstalled the game? It should all be "new"

2017-01-04 Saving Files Before upgrading:

Hi,    Does it have this problem with any other games or programs? If not, I doubt that it's a virus causing this.    Is the game installed from a CD or downloaded from the developer's website? If it's

2017-01-01 Saving Files Before upgrading:

Hi Ryo,    You can definitely move them to the D: drive but I don't like doing it that way unless the D: drive is actually a second hard drive. I've seen too many cases where a hard drive is split into

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