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The questions I will be best at answering will relate directly to the show (any of the ten seasons) and the plotlines. I have seen every episode countless times, and know tons of stupid and pointless trivia. If you give me a question about your life, I can often (frequently?) find a Beverly Hills, 90210 episode to which it relates. I do follow the main actors as well, and watch the new 90210.


I can answer questions related to all the episodes of the OLD Beverly Hills 90210 show, the actors and their current projects and to the music played on its original run. The only thing that I ask for is to be as much specific as possible with the episodes name and what you want to know, otherwise I won't be helpful because it will take too much time-consuming.


I can answer pretty much any question about 90210. I watched it from season one to the end. I felt like I related to the character Donna with her learning disability, and with the Walsh kids because they moved at the beginning of their sophomore year, and I did too. I graduated when the gang did, if I completed college when I was supposed to I would have graduated when they did.

Chantel Robinson

I can answer pretty much anything. I am very familiar with the series, the characters, the ships, the storylines, etc. I am not quite as familiar with the spinoff, as the original show was what I grew up on.


I have been a fan of Beverly Hills, 90210 since 1990 when the series first debuted on television. Every Thursday I had my ritual of watching the show as it was airing on television and also recording it on VHS videotape. I accumulated at least twenty of these recorded videos and would later watch them so often that they ended up being so worn out that they wouldn't play properly anymore. I currently have all ten seasons along with the special "Final Goodbye" episode and I still do watch them often enough to be able to answer any question relating to characters, guest stars, story lines, and the original music played during episodes. I am confident that I would be able to answer any question with regards to the show and consider myself an expert on all things Beverly Hills, 90210.


Can Dylan solve quadratic equations? What makes up a "mega-burger"? If an answer exists, I probably know it. Whether your question is general, begging the context of all 10 seasons, or completely inane, feel free to drop me a line either way. I will provide episode reference numbers for each response and plan to have some fun with this. Trivia quizzes often need correction, and publications will get their plotlines/characters/relationships mixed up too. I accept dialogue/scene requests, but please limit your inquiry to 1-2 per question. I only know music from the original broadcasts/reruns, not the DVDs. Been a fan since 1990 and didn't miss a beat.


Hey! I am one of the biggest Beverly Hills 90210 fans ever. I watch the show every day and consider myself an expert. I know the characters and plots of seasons 1-10 better than I know myself! I can answer any questions from these seasons. I also own them all on DVD and can answer any questions that go along with that. Please don't ask me questions about song names in the show - they are impossible to find. Hope I can help!


On Vacation
returns 01/02/2017
I have seen all 10 seasons of Beverly Hills 90210 and have every episode on tape to locate answers. My expertise is on the first 6 seasons and the characters Brenda and Dylan, but I will attempt to answer any question pertaining to the show. Please no scene/dialogue questions because they are very time-consuming and frustrating. However, I will be happy to clarify misunderstood dialogue due to whispering and such if I'm able to. I will attempt to answer any song question for the original airdates and syndication. NO DVD SONG QUESTIONS PLEASE. Please see my "Life Experience" in my profile for song question updates, it may pertain to your question.

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2016-09-05 Mary Anne Moore:

Hi Kayla,    When Marianne Moore throws her shoe in the pool for the party-goers to fetch, I took it to mean that she was A) showing how fun-loving and how much of an unpredictable Party Girl she could

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