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Kriss Mitchell, M.Ed, CRC, CNHP

I can answer questions regarding emotional and physical abuse in dating and marriage situations, however I am unable to give legal advice. Having had firsthand experience in an abusive relationship, I understand the feelings, the questions and the doubts we have as we try to make decisions about how to improve our situations. I am also able to address spiritual concerns regarding staying in or leaving these types of situations.

Cathy Backlund, Life Coach in Abuse & Domestic Violence

Are you unsure if you are living in an abusive relationship? Are you feeling confused, angry or hurt and don't know what to do? I can help you determine if you are in an abusive or unhealthy relationship and provide suggestions on how to create a plan for your happiness, health and well-being! Please ask questions to find out answers today! Everyone deserves to live life with happiness and joy, and I am here to help you. Are you ready to find out how you can live a better and happier life? If you are, please ask your questions today!! Asking and finding the answers you are looking for is the first step to improve you joy and happiness!


can answer all relationship questions involving unhealthy, addictive, or otherwise unhappy arrangements, except those involving the legalities of physical abuse..

Dr. DDD, M.S.,Psy.D, CASA

I will help you make an informed decision. Through my scholar and experiential experience, I can try to qualify the answer to almost any question. I have a multitude of resources at my disposal to be disseminated to all those who want to help themselves. I can only provide solutions if you are willing to make an honest effort to help yourself. I can facilitate the response but ultimately you are the answer.

Johnny St. Tai

Human relation is a complex machine. Whether you're feeling hurt and abused, or have fear regarding that you might've hurt someone unknowingly, let us try to understand the problem. By understanding the problem, we can face it, and resolve it. I do not deal in miracle, I deal in reality.

Dr. David Simonsen

I can answer questions directly related to your challenging relationships. I will give you a straight forward answer to what I think the problem is.

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2016-11-26 Silent Treatment:

Hi Manuel, in answer to your question, it depends on how many more times you want to go through the pattern.  Unless people make fundamental heart changes when confronted with these kinds of things, the

2016-10-27 Silent Treatment:

Dear Manuel,  Thank you for your question and I'm so sorry that you both are going through this type of situation.  Let me just say two things right up front.  You setting boundaries and keeping them is

2016-09-21 Feeling comfortable again after an abusive relationship:

Hi Sara,  Thank you for the question and I certainly understand how intimidating talking about such personal things can be.  However, your therapist is your best option with regard to moving past PTSD

2016-09-21 Feeling comfortable again after an abusive relationship?:

HI Sara,  I don't think you should be in a relationship until you actually work through the things that led you to stay in an abusive one for so long. You basically went out of one relationship right into

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