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Dave K

I'm an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous and have been sober for over 8 years. I am only able to assist people with a desire to stop drinking or other fellow members of AA who may need an ear. I'm sorry...but I'm not qualified to assist you with questions about your relationship with someone else in your life with an alcohol problem. That is, for the most part, out of the scope of my area of expertise. I'm only able to assist the person suffering. I've read our "Big Book" of alcoholics anonymous many times as I have many of the other accepted literature in AA. I've sponsored a few guys and have my own sponsor. I'm more than willing to take your questions about your own problems with alcohol. I've had a strong spiritual journey of the educational variety and would be happy to share my experience strength and hope with you. If you think you have a problem with drinking we can talk. I work in the Health Care field and have researched many of the medical aspects of alcoholism and addiction so I'm comfortable with my working medical knowledge of addiction. Disclaimer: I do not represent .....


I can answer questions on the recovery from alcohol addiction as I am a recovering alcoholic with 24 years of sobriety. I can also address the spiritual aspects of the 12-Step program as I have a Master of Divinity degree; serve as a pastor in the Quaker church; and, serve as a hospice chaplain. I have also served as a prison chaplain for one year and currently volunteer as a mentor once a week, working with two inmates one-on-one as they work towards reentry into society as free persons.

Joseph Lee O.

Greetings to you! I have experienced “Alcoholics Anonymous”, the book, and that is what I share with others. I understand the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the real alcoholic's plight, and here is what can be done to overcome chronic alcoholism: "If you are an alcoholic who wants to get over it, you may already be asking - 'What do I have to do?' It is the purpose of this book ('Alcoholics Anonymous') to answer such questions specifically. We shall tell you what we have done." (page 20)


All questions are important, I have over 30 years of personal experience with alcoholism and recovery issues. Advanced Counsellor Training / Experience with treatment and AA.

Charlie Haviland

I am a recovered alcoholic. My experience in the the addiction recovery process is personal and professional. I am better suited to address questions about alcoholism.

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