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I can help troubleshoot your Illustrator 9 through CS3 (and most CS4) problems and suggest the best way to get the results you need. Although I can help with some installation issues, my forte is prepress and how to use the tools and functions in the application itself.

Tom Rouze

On Vacation
returns 10/27/2016
I can answer Graphics questions related to Adobe Illustrator 9, 10, and CS. I also have Photoshop experience. Setting up files for printing is my main area of expertise. I am familiar with both PC and Mac platforms. No question is too silly. The only thing silly is a question not asked!

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2016-08-15 Anchor points changed from non bezier to bezier:

So when you select one of the anchor points in question with the Direct Select arrow and click that button in the control bar, it doesn't snap back?  That's odd. That means it's something else entirely

2016-08-10 Anchor points changed from non bezier to bezier:

Hi there. Have to admit I have not seen this, especially in a document created in the same version of the Illustrator that you are using to edit it. You didn't say, is that the case or are these old graphics?

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