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I can help troubleshoot your Illustrator 9 through CS3 (and most CS4) problems and suggest the best way to get the results you need. Although I can help with some installation issues, my forte is prepress and how to use the tools and functions in the application itself.

Tom Rouze

I can answer Graphics questions related to Adobe Illustrator 9, 10, and CS. I also have Photoshop experience. Setting up files for printing is my main area of expertise. I am familiar with both PC and Mac platforms. No question is too silly. The only thing silly is a question not asked!

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2017-02-15 Die-line + Bleed for two colors:

I keep wondering if it wouldn't be easier to:    First create your letters/shapes, then copy them.    This will become shadow layer. Make it the darker color and give it a large stroke to extend past the

2017-02-15 Die-line + Bleed for two colors:

Hi Linda,    Is the physical sticker the shape of an S? I *think* I know what the desired result is. I don't think you'll be able to achieve it with pathfinder alone. Might have to adjust some anchor points

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