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Kamal Krishna

I am a Photoshop professional and have been using the tool since 1998. Since then I have been constantly upgrading myself with the newer versions of the same. Please feel free to ask me for issues or difficulties, be it technical or creative. I am here to help.

Dan Loffler

I can help with specific "How To" questions. No Photoshop Elements questions please.

Eric C. M. Basir

Ask me about anything related to working on your photos in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements: Tools, functions, color, contrast, manipulation, restoration and scanning.

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2016-07-06 Photoshop Elements Question:

Hi Steve,    Alright  Check your editor preferences: Edit -> Preferences -> General  Make sure Allow Floating Documents in Full Edit Mode is checked     In the editor, go to Windows -> Images and select

2016-07-06 Photoshop Elements Question:

Hi Steve,  The image you attached is that a screenshot/printscreen of what you see?  Or does that grey stay when you save it as an image?    If its the first case then its just the grey interface of photoshop

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