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Alice Allen, Rev (ULC)

Adoption Reunion and Reconciliation - "Do I matter to you?" - To adopted persons and their families, it is an especially important question. I offer search and support guidance, information about typical/atypical consequences of reunion, and counseling to all involved parties. Please 'View Profile' for more detail.

Chandricka R. Mose, LCSW-C, LICSW, ACSW

EXTENSIVE!! I can answer questions about issues pertaining to foster care, treatment foster care, foster care to adopt matters, kinship care, reunification and homestudy concerns and process.

Adoption STAR

Questions related to domestic and international adoption.

Peter C. Winkler, CSW

On Vacation
returns 10/08/2016
I have experience with adoption subsidy, the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children and variety of other adoption related matters. I hope that I can be helpful to those who are considering adoption or would like to adopt a child.

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2016-09-06 Adoption Research:

 Thank you for your question and best of luck with your research.     I do not work in Indiana, so am not familiar with the laws in that state regarding sealed adoption records and recommend you reach

2016-08-30 International Adoption:

Hi Maria- I'm glad that you contacted me because you and your family are taking on a big burden. It is difficult to answer some of your questions, because I have only the limited information that you provided

2016-07-16 Adopting out of birth order:

Maria,  Congratulations on the adoption of a sibling group.  It is very exciting.  You do have a big family, and I relate as a mother of ten.  As an adoption professional and a mom, I have researched your

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