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Mike the Talent Manager

An International Porn & Mainstream Talent Manager, Casting Director, Producer & Performer in the porn industry, Mike is the Senior V.P. of

As a veteran expert in this AllExperts category, Mike is now accepting donations from questioners (see below, on his full profile). Suggested donation: $100 USD, per question. He will take a maximum of two (2) questions per day.

Based in California, Mike is available to answer questions about the porn industry, or from adults that want to get started in the entertainment industry.

Serious adults age 18+ can apply online for management/promotion at the website above.

No response from Mike should be construed as earnings/income claims/promises. Mike is not a lawyer or physician. Thanks!

J. D. Obenberger

Numerous trials, including jury trials, criminal and civil since 1979. Obscenity. Section 2257. Copyright. Trademark. Communications Decency Act Section 230. Right of Privacy/Right of Publicity. Defamation/Libel/Slander. Warning Pages. Adult Internet Sites. Strip Clubs/Gentlemen's clubs. Massage Parlors. Prostitution. I am the author and operator of, the most comprehensive online legal resource concerning the law of adult entertainment online.

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The best answer I have for you was set out in my Webmaster's Primer on Section 2257. ( Section 3. A. of that work reads as follows:    A. Scope and Topicality

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