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Brandon Briggs, MS

I can answer questions about cardiovascular fitness, pulmonary & cardiac rehab, weight training, and corrective exercise.

Kristina Shane

Many women struggle with losing weight and I was once one of those women. Now I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and I've spent many years researching the best way for women to get healthy, lose weight and maintain it. I hold a BS in Sports Management and Iím currently working on my MS in Health and Physical Education. I can answer any questions on women's fitness.

Bonnie Hardie

I am a Personal Trainer-Aerobics Instructor-Boot Camp Instructor in South East Florida. I can answer questions about finding your proper heart rate-the different types of Aerobic classes,proper workouts, interval training. Please do not ask me to design a training program for you-if you want a specific program designed for you-please sign up for online personal training from me.

Ken Alan

To build a strong body, build a strong body of knowledge. Exercise workouts, training programs, classes, program design, workout music, motivation. Cardio, strength, flexibility.

Daphne E Brown MS CPRP

I will answer questions concerning exercise, nutrition, health and diseases related to obesity or sedentary lifestyle. I can also answer questions about being an aerobics/group exercise leader or questions about getting certified with AFAA.

Kim Farmer

I can answer questions related to aerobic conditioning, resistance training, toning up, weight loss, nutrition, and using proper form.

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2017-03-29 Heart Monitor:

Hello James,     We are currently using the Polar A300 for our research participants which in my opinion is a really nice one. It can be programed with heart rate zones, alerts to help with ranges. I do

2017-03-21 Music for Seniors:

Hi Lucia,    Check out MuscleMixes, Power Music, Yes Music, and Dynamix music.  They should have some pre-made compilations in the BPM range you want and the music style you want.      We have a few CD's

2017-03-14 spinning in the 90% mhr range:

Thanks for being interested in this.   If you're able to sustain your workouts at that high percentage of your predicted max heart rate, then it's probably okay for you.  It is unusual to train at that

2017-03-14 indoor cycling heart rate:

Hi Richard,     A lot of things could be going on here. It could simply be a miscommunication in the HR strap. However if you are consistently exercising in the 90-98% of max range you are working in an

2017-03-14 Heart rate:

Hi Richard based on your age, your HRR (heart rate range) should be between 83-140 beats per minute with the max being about 165 beats per minute.  Since you only gave me percentages and the 220-HR formula

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