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Cal Taylor

Questions about the Douglas C-133 Cargomaster, its history, operations and technical information. I wrote and published the definitive history of the C-133, Remembering an Unsung Giant: The Douglas C-133 Cargomaster and Its People. Someone has done a good job of extracting material from my book for the article about the C-133 on AllExperts. I AM NOT an expert on educational opportunities in India or other countries and request that such questions be directed elsewhere. I will not answer such questions because I do not have the knowledge to do so adequately.

Laura Laster

I can help with questions about aviation disasters, aircraft operations especially general aviation and King Air information, aviation safety, and education questions on how to get into an aviation career. I can also answer general aviation questions as I am a commercial multi-engine pilot. I cannot answer questions about flight training or MBA schools in countries other than the USA or provide advice for non-US citizens interested in flight training. I cannot answer questions advising you what school to choose. I have no experience with aeronautical engineering so I cannot answer questions relating to engineering or schooling for aeronautical engineers. PLEASE don't ask me questions about any kind of engineering because it is outside my area of expertise, and I will NOT answer your question. I also cannot help you to choose a master's program for study as I do not have a master's degree in aviation. I cannot help with MBA advice.

Mark Janus

I can answer questions regarding aerodynamics, fluid flow, and computational simulations.

J. Zumwalt

Aeronautical Engineer, Pilot & Air-frame & Power-plant mechanic (A&P), Current president of EAA (experimental Aircraft Association) chapter 837 (Payette, ID), Past instructor, computers, robotics and aviation, Past Director of Maintenance (two airlines), Past Continental Airlines shift supervisor (Anchorage, Alaska)

David A. NewMyer

I can answer questions about aviation industry employment, airports and airport planning and aviation industry regulation (overall regulation of the industry--who regulates what and why).

Mark Smith

I can answer questions on the history and technical aspects of Zeppelins/German Rigid Airships.

Marc Ebelini

Basis aircraft and engine maintenance. Avionics and other electronic questions related to computers and radio communications.

Norman L. Rose

Travel Tech Consulting, Inc. is an independent consulting firm specializing in emerging technology that impacts the travel industry. In addition to working with travel and technology firms on marketing and procurement strategies, , Travel Tech Consulting Inc. publishes research on various travel related technology topics.

D. Norkus

I can address questions about airline pilot employment & entry level airline careers in the United States, women pilots, flight training, pilot certification, U.S. flight scholarships (mostly for women), aviation & airline safety topics, aviation accident investigation and airline operations. ***Please note, I cannot address flight training & career queries from outside the United States, or aero engineering degree programs/careers, aviation management topics. ****

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2016-09-24 Light Aircraft Safety:

Airliners use a prioritized message system. For example, if the airplane is on fire, that is given a higher priority than  a low fuel alarm. Also, light aircraft attempt to show ALL the information on

2016-09-20 Destruction of Shutte-Lanz SL11:

Hello Tony.  I've not heard of that expression before, although it does sound like just the thing a patriotic newspaper would concoct.  The best account of the shooting down of the SL11 I've found is in

2016-08-15 International airport design.:

Hi, Prashant:    An increase of 30 to 50 flights per day would impact different airports differently.  For example, an international airport designed to handled 1000 flights per day would not be significantly

2016-08-15 International airport design.:

Hi, Prashant:    My view of airport terminal design, especially international airport terminal design, has to focus as much on the number of airline aircraft loading gates needed first, and then the number

2016-08-01 Potential Energy:

This isn't "scientific," just a field answer. If you pick up a brick from the floor and place it on a ledge at head height, it then has potential energy equal to the work used to move it. Potential energy

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