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Keith Patton

I can answer questions regarding Aikido, particularly a highly advanced form of Tomiki Aikido, primarily concerned with self defence in real situations. I can address the basic techniques, releases, and the advanced kata as well as high level concepts of constant movement (kihara), balance breaking (kuzushi), internalization of techniques and chaining of techniques. Can also offer guidance in what to look for in selecting a dojo and an instructor.

J Richard Seavitt

I have an extensive background in Japanese martial arts - both classical and modern - and classical Japanese culture. I also study the Japanese language. In the rest of my life, I do biomedical research in cancer biology, vaccines, and immunology.

Jeffrey Allen

I hold a sixth degree black belt and I am one of the few foreigners to hold an instructors certificate from this federation issued by the Korean Government. I belong to the International Hapkido Federation, child of Daito-Ryu-Aikijujutsu. I am more than happy to share my experiences and knowledge.


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