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Mike Gonzalez

I can answer questions on the type of air purification available, what works in certain situations, what doesn't work and the reasons why. I have specialized in both residential and commercial/business applications. I look forward to helping you with your questions in any way I can.

Jay Hofmann (Trinity Consultants, Inc.)

Industrial air quality issues with a focus on regulatory assessments, audits, evaluations and compliance. Industrial focus in oil, gas pipelines, power, refining, chemicals, pulp and paper, and cement industries.

Harold Garabedian

Questions that I can most easilierly respond to would have to do with transporations impact on air quality and in particuliar with electric vehicle technology. Areas of least expertise is general air quality monitoring. The area of industrial source impacts on air quality lie in between.

Rob Gibson

I have expertise in effects of air pollution on LOCAL communities. I would be gratful if you could make the enquiry as specific as possible. Such questions as "please tell me about air pollution" are not helpful & will have to point you to various texts in libraries. I look forward to hearing from you

Dave Russell

I can answer questions on industrial practice, emissions, and impacts of air pollutants. I`m also good on regulatory and policy questions, but have an admitted anti-regulatory bias.

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