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Any questions on High School Algebra, College Algebra, Abstract Algebra. I can help with word problems, solving equations, trigonometry, inequalities, Gaussian Elimination, Linear Algebra, groups, fields, you name it!

Richard J. Raridon

I can answer questions in physics, chemistry, algebra, trigonometry

Scott A Wilson

Any algebraic question you've got. That includes question that are linear, quadratic, exponential, etc.

Frederick Koh

I can answer questions concerning calculus, complex numbers, vectors, statistics , algebra and trigonometry for the O level, A level and 1st/2nd year college math/engineering student.

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2016-10-22 Algebra-Compound Inequalities:

An inequality is written if one side is known to be less than the other.    For example, 1<3, which is read as, "one is less than three."    To see this, subtract 1 from both sides and you get 0 < 2,

2016-09-18 Finding y-intercept of quadratic without knowing equation:

Once we know the parabola in the form of y = ax˛ + bx + c, it can be done.  The y intercept is found by putting x=0, and the result is y = c.    To get these points, take the values as (x1,y1), (x2,y2)

2016-08-09 A question about proofs in college algebra:

The flaw is in the hidden assumption that the least such n is 3 or greater. In fact , the least such n is n = 2    If you try to carry out the argument with only two elements in S , Ti and Tj won't have

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