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K. Evan

All types of questions welcome. Before asking a question, try searching the word "lyrics," along with any lyrics you remember (within quote marks if you are sure of their accuracy), at Most answers are quickly found this way. You should also try You can also search by song title at and

Briton Sky

Music is my passion. I can answer anything from lyrics to record contracts. There isn't any question you can't ask. If I don't know I sure will know somebody who will.


New Zealand
I know a lot about New Zealand's Flying Nun label/Dunedin Sound which pioneered lo fi and inspired a lot of alternative/indie music, for example Pavement, Sebadoh, Shins, Interpol. I also know a fair bit of general information about the proto-punk/punk/new wave/post-punk/alternative/indie movement from the 60s to the present. Love to rant about the Velvet Underground and how awesome/influential they were, although my favourite band is actually the Kinks.

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