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Davide Torri

THEME PARKS IN ITALY. I can answer all questions regarding attractions, restaurants, shops, accomodation for Gardaland, Mirabilandia and Movieland Studios, the three leading theme parks in Italy, and about water parks in the Lake Garda/Rimini riviera area. Although I now live in London, UK, I'm a native north Italian and have lived there till the age of 26 visiting Gardaland twice a year, Mirabilandia and Movie Studios every other year and constantly keeping abreast of all the news. I can help with questions regarding theme and water parks in south Italy although I've never been there.


I answer any questions about major roller coasters, specialising in restraints. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. So, any safety concerns about how safe and snug you are in your seat on a coaster, just ask!


I can answer questions on the Gold Coast theme parks ie. Seaworld, Warner Brothers Movieworld, Dreamworld and Wet n Wild. I can also answer questions about Luna Park Melbourne.


I can answer most questions relating to Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in California, and Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan. In addition, I can also provide advice regarding side trips from those places (such as Universal Studios Orlando as a side trip from Walt Disney World). I am also adept in the use of public transportation, so if you are not planning to use a car for your trip I am the right person to look to. Please note though, that traveling by car is not one of my strongest points, so please don't ask me any questions regarding highway travel.

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