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My field of expertise is Ancient Greek and Roman History.

Irulan Serena

Along with teaching classical Literature for over thirty-eight years, I have also taught history of the Greco-Roman cultures. History and Mythology are, in my opinion, inseparable; it is necessary to have a background in both to have a clear understanding of both ends of the spectrum, the myth and the fact.

Alex Gorecki

I am knowledgeable about Ancient History. But my expertise in this category is mostly in Biblical and Church History from Antiquity.

Rudy de Swart

On Vacation
returns 12/25/2016
I`ve quite some knowledge about Ancient Egypt. I have a modest collection of books on Ancient Eyptian history and if I don`t know the answer to a question I know some people how can answer it.

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2016-11-29 The fossilization of Latin:

Dear  Johnnie,    if you want to oversimplified  the matter, you  could  say that Latin -  which as a Vulgar Latin (“sermo vulgaris”, in Latin),i.e. the idiom of the illiterate, like soldiers, merchants

2016-11-28 Grammarians:

Hello,    First of all the reason why Latin is so complicated is not  “because it is a language created by pure logic instead of daily practice”, as you say. This is in fact an odd statement, since all

2016-10-03 Helvidius priscus of Rome:

Hello,    the marriage year of AD 42 or  maybe late  AD 41 for Thrasea Paetus and Arria Minor is documented.   We know, in fact,  that in AD 42, when Caecina Paetus was implicated in the revolt of Scribonianus

2016-09-29 Helvidius priscus of Rome:

Hello,    I think that, when the Oxford Classical dictionary says that "about 55" Helvidius Priscus  married Thrasea Paetus‘s daughter, Fannia, as a his second wife (see Pliny the Younger’s Letters, book

2016-09-22 ancient Roman nomenclature:

Hi Felicia,    you can name Publius Clodius Thrasea Paetus and Arria’s  daughters  from eldest to youngest as  “Clodia Prima” (referred to as their actual daughter Fannia) , “Clodia Secunda “, “Clodia

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