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My field of expertise is Ancient Greek and Roman History.

Irulan Serena

Along with teaching classical Literature for over thirty-eight years, I have also taught history of the Greco-Roman cultures. History and Mythology are, in my opinion, inseparable; it is necessary to have a background in both to have a clear understanding of both ends of the spectrum, the myth and the fact.

Francesco Marchesani

I have an indeep knowledge of European history, expecially Ancient, Roman and Medieval history. I focus my attention on military history as well; I have access to a university library with many ancient books.

Alex Gorecki

I am knowledgeable about Ancient History. But my expertise in this category is mostly in Biblical and Church History from Antiquity.

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2016-11-29 The fossilization of Latin:

Dear  Johnnie,    if you want to oversimplified  the matter, you  could  say that Latin -  which as a Vulgar Latin (“sermo vulgaris”, in Latin),i.e. the idiom of the illiterate, like soldiers, merchants

2016-11-28 Grammarians:

Hello,    First of all the reason why Latin is so complicated is not  “because it is a language created by pure logic instead of daily practice”, as you say. This is in fact an odd statement, since all

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