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I am an expert in Latin & Ancient Greek Language and I'll be glad to answer any questions concerning this matter.

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2017-03-15 "Know that you are loved and that you will always be loved":

Hello,    thanks for clarifying  the sense of your sentence whose translation is the following:    -”Scito te amari semperque amatum iri”   or:   -“Te amari scito semperque amatum iri”   (with a different

2017-03-02 Fighter squadron motto:

Hello,    The Latin sentence “Ride Nunc”, literally meaning “Laugh now!”, is exactly  a grim motto  just expressing  a threat of something unpleasant like in a context that could read as "Here I am ..

2017-01-03 Matthew 25.46:

Thanks for your message. As for what αιώνιος "with two terminations" means, it merely means that this adjective has 2 terminations, i.e. αἰώνι

2017-01-02 Matthew 25.46:

Hello,    first of all I have to point out that I’m not  interested at all in various theological assertions and controversies, although I’m a practising Catholic.    Moreover, what I can say  for certain

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