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I am an expert in Latin & Ancient Greek Language and I'll be glad to answer any questions concerning this matter.

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2017-01-03 Matthew 25.46:

Thanks for your message. As for what αιώνιος "with two terminations" means, it merely means that this adjective has 2 terminations, i.e. αἰώνι

2017-01-02 Matthew 25.46:

Hello,    first of all I have to point out that I’m not  interested at all in various theological assertions and controversies, although I’m a practising Catholic.    Moreover, what I can say  for certain

2016-12-12 Ancient Hebrew biblical text.:

Hello,    first of all the fact that  there are so many Scriptures which very clearly state that Jesus Christ was actually dead for three days and it wasn't until after his resurrection that he ascended

2016-12-10 ancient Greek and Latin language:

Hello,    The Ancient Greek, aka  ἡ  κοινὴ διάλεκτος ( hē koinč diálektos) meaning “the common language”, i.e. the language

2016-11-24 Translation into Latin:

Hello,    Thanks for clarifying what you want to mean when using “blessed”.    Since you want to use such a term for yourself as a female person, here are some different translations, according to the

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