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I will answer any clock repair questions to the best of my ability but not appraisal questions.

Tom Williams

I can not think of any questions I cannot answer in regard to repairing antique clocks or radios. However, I am sure there are a few I have not heard and may not be able to answer. If I cannot, I will say so. I have been repairing them since I was a young child.

Barry W Macomber

My experience is mostly with 19th century American clocks. I can answer repair questions and can identify most clocks of this period. I cannot answer questions about non-American clocks.

Daniel Clements

All questions about pre C1820 UK antique clocks. For the type of clock I can answer questions about, see if your clock is something like one on our website http://

Kenneth Saunders

On Vacation
returns 01/03/2015
Any mechanical clock question - no battery clock questions and no appraisals. 40 years as a professional clock repair person- still a full time clock repair service owner. Attach a photo if possible and note all markings on the rear of the mechanism- thanks

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2014-12-14 New Haven Black Lacquer & gold clock:

It would seem like whoever cleaned, oiled and adjusted your clock may have an obligation here regarding the failure to chime. If he completely disassembled the movement to clean it, there are many opportunities

2014-12-10 100 year old grandfather clock wont't chime.:

What you found in the bottom of the case was probably the pin that actuates an extension of the arm that lifts the hammers. It screws into a spoke on a gear in the strike gear train. There is probably

2014-12-04 Removing and replacing Verge Pin Plate:

having some trouble with the words describing your issue. can you attach a photo and tell who made the clock or the works?    is this the short steel pin that the verge saddle swings on that is missing?

2014-11-30 Riveting a saddle on a Verge:

drill hole in both -put the rivet through the hole - put the head on a steel block or anvil and whack the other end with a hammer and punch.    what clock are you trying to repair? they sell these all

2014-11-30 Japy Freres Rococo Cartel wall clocks:

I am going to attempt to send you a link to the History of Japy Frers clocks.    I checked ebay and found the clocks similar

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