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Daniel Clements

All questions about pre C1820 UK antique clocks. For the type of clock I can answer questions about, see if your clock is something like one on our website http://


I will answer any clock repair questions to the best of my ability but not appraisal questions.

Tom Williams

I can not think of any questions I cannot answer in regard to repairing antique clocks or radios. However, I am sure there are a few I have not heard and may not be able to answer. If I cannot, I will say so. I have been repairing them since I was a young child.

Kenneth Saunders

Any mechanical clock question - no battery clock questions and no appraisals. 47 years as a professional clock repair person- still a full time clock repair service owner. Attach a photo if possible and note all markings on the rear of the mechanism- thanks

Barry W Macomber

My experience is mostly with 19th century American clocks. I can answer repair questions and can identify most clocks of this period. I cannot answer questions about non-American clocks.

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2017-01-16 Clairetta wall clock:

I do not stock parts for clocks but order them as I need them. I would recommend Timesavers ( as they have a wide variety of suspension springs beginning on page 89 of their catalog

2017-01-12 miller mantel chiming clock:

I think you may mean Howard Miller.  If Howard Miller Co has a web site I would try there.  If not try the National Watch and Clock Museum.  You have to have a manufactures production book to tell using

2017-01-09 Grandfather clock:

Generally with German or French movements like this, what you will need to do is this. If the clock is striking half an hour out, move the minute hand quickly past the half hour and then the hour with

2016-12-14 Hermle 261-080B pendulum doesn't continue to swing:

-The pendulum assembly begins at the top with a 1" two legged suspension spring pinned to a brass post sticking out of the back of the rear movement plate.      Next a silver(probably) suspension leader

2016-12-10 Revere mod 59m31:

MODEL 59M31 WHICH IS THE RAREST ROTOR IN THE WORLD RPM 1 WATTS 4      not so rare across the pond!    Rotor is B3  or sub B13  also not rare- no longer made but rebuilders sell for $125    http://www.ebay

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