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I will answer any clock repair questions to the best of my ability but not appraisal questions.

Daniel Clements

All questions about pre C1820 UK antique clocks. For the type of clock I can answer questions about, see if your clock is something like one on our website http://

Tom Williams

I can not think of any questions I cannot answer in regard to repairing antique clocks or radios. However, I am sure there are a few I have not heard and may not be able to answer. If I cannot, I will say so. I have been repairing them since I was a young child.

Barry W Macomber

My experience is mostly with 19th century American clocks. I can answer repair questions and can identify most clocks of this period. I cannot answer questions about non-American clocks.

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2016-06-22 Need Date of Mfg for ISGUS floor clock:

Sometimes the date is stamped on the back of the movement on clocks.  If there is no date, you can contact:   This is the National Assoc. of Watch

2016-06-19 Seth Thomas:

The pictures indicate these are Hermle Royal Mariner items. They are still available new. I believe the clocks sells in the $250-300 range. I happen to have this pair myself sold still under another name

2016-06-19 Seth Thomas:

This is a fairly late item - probably 1930's-60's. A Seth Thomas from this era could have a German movement. I can't tell without looking inside. An American movement would be better. Copy and paste this

2016-06-19 Seth Thomas:

The barometer filament expands and contracts with the pressure and humidity but I would not have any idea where to get a new one.  I do not think that it would be worth much as an antique as the bottom

2016-06-18 Cuckoo clock musicbox repair:

It sounds like your clock is due for an oiling. Lack of lubrication increases friction and makes it more difficult for the time movement to push the locking pin out of the music box bull gear. To really

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