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Barry W Macomber

My experience is mostly with 19th century American clocks. I can answer repair questions and can identify most clocks of this period. I cannot answer questions about non-American clocks.

Kenneth Saunders

Any mechanical clock question - no battery clock questions and no appraisals. 40 years as a professional clock repair person- still a full time clock repair service owner. Attach a photo if possible and note all markings on the rear of the mechanism- thanks

Daniel Clements

All questions about pre C1820 UK antique clocks. For the type of clock I can answer questions about, see if your clock is something like one on our website http://


I will answer any clock repair questions to the best of my ability but not appraisal questions.

Tom Williams

I can not think of any questions I cannot answer in regard to repairing antique clocks or radios. However, I am sure there are a few I have not heard and may not be able to answer. If I cannot, I will say so. I have been repairing them since I was a young child.

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2014-10-22 E. Ingraham wall clock:

Many years ago, my wife inherited a similar E. Ingraham clock when her grandfather died. I had no problem getting the clock to keep accurate time by lowering the pendulum by means of the nut under the

2014-10-21 Grandfather clock stopped:

ignore the weight drop --the test is "is the clock chiming each quarter and striking the hour properly?"    seems not from your comments?    spraying any clock movemnt with WD-40 is going to be fatal to

2014-10-19 Waltham 31 Day Chime wall Clock:

I have had luck quieting the strike by putting several small postage stamp size pieces of black plastic electrical tape on the steel coiled gong at the spot where the hammer hits the gong. building up

2014-10-19 Hamilton Lancaster County hammer strikes:

sure-- the hinge points of the individual hammers swing on a single shaft and should not be oiled because the oil sets up and you get the situation you have.    without taking the whole thing apart, you

2014-10-18 Hamilton ships clock ww ll:

Ships clocks were generally mounted in the pilot house. I assume this is wound from the front. They were extremely accurate. During WWII GPS was not available although it predecessor, Loran (long range

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