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George E. Harrison III

I am able to answer most questions pertaining to the authenticity,collectability and values of high-end reproduction furniture. As an example, quality furniture produced by leading manufacturers such as Baker, Kittinger, Kindel, Saybolt-Cleland furniture companies. I must have at least one photo for advice. PLEASE READ: No questions will be answered without a photo. View our website at for a sampling of our expertise.

robert klein

Regarding American antique, vintage, and collectible furniture I can help with wood identification, styles, age, periods, historical coatings, materials, techniques, repair, restoration, refinishing. Please read instructions for posting.

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2016-11-29 Antique Buffet Table - Period, Manufacturer and Worth?:

very nice and desirable Hepplewhite, Sheraton, Federal styled sideboard.  Mahogany and mahogany veneer from around 1920-40.    She is at the limit on the price for retail but for insurance purposes she

2016-11-29 Platform Rocker:

this is an eastlake victorian platform rocker made around 1885-1900.    cannot tell in the photo but it is most likely walnut.  do make sure the screws holding the springs are tight.  most i have seen

2016-11-23 Who Made This 1986 Table Set And How Much Is It Worth?:

Hi Kat,    In order for a piece of furniture to be considered an antique it must be  at least 100 years old.    Keep in mind that most used furniture has a value of 10 to 20% of its  original cost when

2016-11-19 Identify these chairs:

These chairs would have been manufactured around 1900-1920.  Unfortunately without a label there is no way of knowing which one of 5000 in operation at the time made these.  They are made in the Chippendale

2016-11-18 Kittinger Secretary Desk cleaning:

You are doing the right think by seeking help before doing anything.    The finish will be a lacquer coating.    End dust is a good dusting product and was recommended to me by a museum curator/conservator

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