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George E. Harrison III

I am able to answer most questions pertaining to the authenticity,collectability and values of high-end reproduction furniture. As an example, quality furniture produced by leading manufacturers such as Baker, Kittinger, Kindel, Saybolt-Cleland furniture companies. I must have at least one photo for advice. PLEASE READ: No questions will be answered without a photo. View our website at for a sampling of our expertise.

robert klein

Regarding American antique, vintage, and collectible furniture I can help with wood identification, styles, age, periods, historical coatings, materials, techniques, repair, restoration, refinishing. Please read instructions for posting.

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2016-09-22 Antique Pedestal 42" Table with Wood Wheels:

Hi Brenda,    Your Victorian Oak Dining table was made around 1880.  It is in dire need of a professional  restoration which can be costly.    The value of the table once restored would have a value of

2016-09-17 Duncan Phyfe Dining Drop Lead Table:

Hi Connor,    Your Duncan Phyfe stylized dining table was made in the late 1930's to 1940's.  From what I can see the table does not appear to be in bad condition.  Since it is not an important high quality

2016-09-17 Old Drop Leaf Table:

Hi Brenda,    Your tables age would be between 1880 to 1900.  From what I can see from the bottom  photo it appears to be made from Oak. It's value as is would be  $50. to $75.00        Best wishes,  

2016-09-14 Drop Leaf Secretary:

Hi Diane,    Yes, your Secretary would have been made in the 19140's out of mahogany.  The quality is of a production piece of furniture and not a true bench made  reproduction of a period secretary.

2016-09-10 Sheboygan Crocker Rocking Chair:

This is actually a very nice desk chair.    Bentwood arms  Pressed wood back (that is how the design is done, pressed in)  top post medallions  seat was originally radio weave cane--the fiber seat was

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