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George E. Harrison III

I am able to answer most questions pertaining to the authenticity,collectability and values of high-end reproduction furniture. As an example, quality furniture produced by leading manufacturers such as Baker, Kittinger, Kindel, Saybolt-Cleland furniture companies. I must have at least one photo for advice. PLEASE READ: No questions will be answered without a photo. View our website at for a sampling of our expertise.

robert klein

Regarding American antique, vintage, and collectible furniture I can help with wood identification, styles, age, periods, historical coatings, materials, techniques, repair, restoration, refinishing. Please read instructions for posting.

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2017-01-15 Rockford Chippendale style Desk:

Your Rockford "Desk" a  secretary would have a bookcase top, is made out of  mahogany.    Since Desks of this style have fallen out of favor with the general buying  public I place its value at $300. to

2017-01-12 Antique Sligh Desk:

Hi Theresa    Your Sligh piece is a vanity and not a desk and was most likely made in the 1920's.  When new it probably sold for around $50. to $65.    Since it is not a very desirable piece of furniture

2017-01-11 Hickory Chair Mfg Co. table/unknown chair:

please tell me you are not, not, using the electric sander on that table top!!!  to refinish, remove the base from the top.  remove the extensions from the underside of the table.  you now have two tops

2017-01-11 Batesville Dining room Set c1940:

Hi Rhonda,    Your Batesville dining set was most likely made in the 1940's.    It is of modest manufacture therefore there would be a limit to   the resale value. A range of $1,000. to $1,250. would be

2017-01-10 Huntley serpentine desk:

Hi Karen,    Desks like yours are not a popular item in todays marketplace. Its dates to around 1940.    Hence the value falls in the range of $250. to $300.    You can try selling it on Craigslist or

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