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George E. Harrison III

I am able to answer most questions pertaining to the authenticity,collectability and values of high-end reproduction furniture. As an example, quality furniture produced by leading manufacturers such as Baker, Kittinger, Kindel, Saybolt-Cleland furniture companies. I must have at least one photo for advice. PLEASE READ: No questions will be answered without a photo. View our website at for a sampling of our expertise.

robert klein

Regarding American antique, vintage, and collectible furniture I can help with wood identification, styles, age, periods, historical coatings, materials, techniques, repair, restoration, refinishing. Please read instructions for posting.

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2017-02-19 Coal chest (?):

coal box or kindling box.      we used to see a lot of these from europe back in teh 70s and 80s.    they sell around 150 for nice ones like yours.    hope this helps    thanks    the box being from europe

2017-02-19 Antique carved lion head settee and chair:

use followup function and post close clear and infocus picture of the wood grain so in can determine species.  and a close up picture of the lions head    Understand that without a label there is no way

2017-02-18 Table:

where are the feet or legs??    the well is for tobacco products unless there is a hole in it for a drain then it would be for cooling beverage.    could you use the followup function and post another

2017-02-17 Two tables:

it is possible they are from the 20s but i suspect they are from the 1940s.  doesnt matter tho.  they are nice tables in the sheraton and duncan phyfe style.    these would sell retail at 2-250 for the

2017-02-11 Duncan Phyre Table:

not an original but DF or Sheraton or Hepplewhite style.  Just that it has that type of base does not make it DF style.  Better to say Federal style which encompasses all of those makers.     made in the

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