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robert klein

Regarding American antique, vintage, and collectible furniture I can help with wood identification, styles, age, periods, historical coatings, materials, techniques, repair, restoration, refinishing. Please read instructions for posting.

George E. Harrison III

I am able to answer most questions pertaining to the authenticity,collectability and values of high-end reproduction furniture. As an example, quality furniture produced by leading manufacturers such as Baker, Kittinger, Kindel, Saybolt-Cleland furniture companies. I must have at least one photo for advice. PLEASE READ: No questions will be answered without a photo. View our website at for a sampling of our expertise.

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2016-10-18 Vintage Victorian Era Bedroom Set:

Sorry to hear of your fathers eye deterioration.  That is wonderful that you have the other pieces for the bed.  Where are you located, I may know a competent restorer in the area.      with matching sets

2016-10-18 Inquiring about a 1800-1900 chair:

Chair was made around 1900 wood is figured birch stained to look like mahogany.  it was part of a set at one time and is a manufactured piece.  upholstery looks like the old horsehair covering.    i need

2016-10-17 Vintage Victorian Era Bedroom Set:

Although these are not a matching set it doesnt matter as to desirability or value since they are of high quality.    It is possible that the dresser is from Mitchell and Rammelsburg, Cincinnati.  Check

2016-10-17 what would this kind of thing be named?:

There were writing and student desks, schoolmasters desks and office stuff.  some you could stand at others you sat.    where in PA are you?  curious as we bought in Duncansville, Hollidaysburg, Somerset

2016-10-17 Windsor Fan Back Chair:

Volume two of Nuttings book pictures an original chair much in the style of yours listing it as a brace back windsor with plane comb.    His pieces were labeled.  First with paper labels then actually

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