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Kenton Scott

Please note: My area is BRASS instruments, not other wind, string or percussion instruments. I will provide information on antique, obscure and out of production BRASS instruments. 1) Please don't ask for evaluations, I'll not provide them on this site. 2) I am often asked very similar questions, so I'd invite you to first check on Much of the information I have garnered about this topic, I have posted on this WEB site.


We specialize in antique flutes & piccolos, antique clarinets, as well as simple system and more modern woodwind instruments. Feel free to ask and if we cannot assist you we have several knowledgeable buddies that we can consult with to point you to the right direction. We can provide estimates on value, repair services, repair quotes for restoration(s), as well as offering consignment services to those in need. *Depending on the amount of time needed to determine an accurate real-time value of your musical instrument, we may encourage a small donation (generally about $5) for our time to do research for you. Donations will be distributed to our team member who contributed the information that was beneficial to you directly.

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2017-03-05 Trombone:

JW Jenkins Co, was located in Kansas City Mo, and was founded in 1878.  The company went bankrupt in 1971.  This horn likely dates to the 1920s-30s.  The original Jenkins was John Woodward Jenkins.   After

2017-02-12 Bass clarinet:

Hello and thank you for choosing ModernFlute as your expert today! We've reviewed the photos and tried a quick google search (no use). Based on the photos and light-depth of the logo's engraving, it's

2017-02-03 Any information on this old Buffet wooden flute?:

Our pleasure! We are doing some more research now to see what else we can dig up on your flute! Can you email us some more photos of the flute? Maybe that'll help us get a better idea of what exact keys

2017-02-03 Any information on this old Buffet wooden flute?:

Hello and thank you for choosing us as your expert today! Your flute is an interesting antique simple system, appears to originally have been an 11-key flute (hard to tell exactly without seeing another

2017-01-11 Contintental Colonial Brass Sousaphone:

Continental was a brand established by CG Conn in 1923, and had stores in Chicago and New York.  Their product line was re-branded Pan American instruments, Conn's student line.  However, he should be

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