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Kenton Scott

Please note: My area is BRASS instruments, not other wind, string or percussion instruments. I will provide information on antique, obscure and out of production BRASS instruments. 1) Please don't ask for evaluations, I'll not provide them on this site. 2) I am often asked very similar questions, so I'd invite you to first check on Much of the information I have garnered about this topic, I have posted on this WEB site.

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2015-04-20 Cavalier Trumpet serial # date:

Cavalier was a sub brand of Pan American which was a student line for Conn.  That doesn't mean that it is a lessor instrument, just that they had different marketing ideas for the brand.      Cavalier

2015-04-18 3 Valve Trombone:

It's a bit older than 60 years, it 106 years old.  I've got one that is slightly older than yours, but it is surprisingly modern looking.  It doesn't look its age and I suspect yours does not either.

2015-03-26 Identify Manufacturer, Make, model, etc.:

Many music stores would want a 'house brand', so they would contract with a manufacturer to make instruments which they would then label them with their own brand name.  I have a table that lists the makers

2015-03-25 Identify Manufacturer, Make, model, etc.:

I believe that this ia a horn that was a stencil for a dealer, I don't know who the maker may have actually been.  As far as whether it is worthwhile to fix it up, I would suggest taking it to a repair

2015-03-17 Germany USSR occupied trumpet-Victory:

I don't have a definitive answer for you.  The Ditson Company used Victory as a model name, but they were out of business by 1931.  And Progressive Musical Instrument used American Victory.  Both of these

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