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Kenton Scott

Please note: My area is BRASS instruments, not other wind, string or percussion instruments. I will provide information on antique, obscure and out of production BRASS instruments. 1) Please don't ask for evaluations, I'll not provide them on this site. 2) I am often asked very similar questions, so I'd invite you to first check on Much of the information I have garnered about this topic, I have posted on this WEB site.


We specialize in antique flutes & piccolos, antique clarinets, as well as simple system and more modern woodwind instruments. Feel free to ask and if we cannot assist you we have several knowledgeable buddies that we can consult with to point you to the right direction. We can provide estimates on value, repair services, repair quotes for restoration(s), as well as offering consignment services to those in need. *Depending on the amount of time needed to determine an accurate real-time value of your musical instrument, we may encourage a small donation (generally about $5) for our time to do research for you. Donations will be distributed to our team member who contributed the information that was beneficial to you directly.

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2016-05-22 Brua Keefer 1917 Cornet:

Keefer first managed and then 1909 bought the Henry Distin company.  He was trained as an attorney and his father was a senator.  Brua's father initially was interested in getting the company to move to

2016-05-21 Saxophone, Alto:

Hello and thank you for choosing ModernFlute for your expert today! Your saxophone is a student model alto saxophone in Eb made around the 1960s. It is gold lacquered over brass. The as-is value needing

2016-05-15 Liberty horn:

Let's try this again, I answered the question, but it didn't seem to save.  So, starting over.    Your horn is a mellophone.  It is a transitional instrument.  In orchestras, the alto voice is played by

2016-05-08 An Old Trombone:

I believe that is a 1923 18H Tait Model.  It should have inslide tuning and a .300 bore.  The 18H was made from 1919 -1923, when it was renamed Frisco Artist and continued to be manufactured until 1931

2016-05-06 what kind of horn:

It is tough to tell from a picture.  It is either an alto horn or a tenor horn.  They look basically the same, but the alto is smaller and plays in Eb, while the tenor plays in Bb.      If you measure

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