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Kenton Scott

Please note: My area is BRASS instruments, not other wind, string or percussion instruments. I will provide information on antique, obscure and out of production BRASS instruments. 1) Please don't ask for evaluations, I'll not provide them on this site. 2) I am often asked very similar questions, so I'd invite you to first check on Horn-u-Copia.net. Much of the information I have garnered about this topic, I have posted on this WEB site.

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2014-04-13 jw peppers bugle:

Military Bugles are really signal instruments, not musical instruments so I don't actively track information on them. And, though Pepper produced instruments for both musical and signal use, it isn't certain

2014-04-02 Beau Ideal Cornet:

Beau Ideal was a tradename used by Lyon and Healy of Chicago.  I see a cornet configured similar to yours in the 1894 Lyon and Healy catalog.  The actual maker is not specified but they do say that they

2014-02-26 Carl Fischer Trombone:

Thank you for adding to my knowledge.  That was a good lead.      If you want to submit more pictures of the top of the hand slide and where the bell section and slide sections connect, I may be able to

2014-02-25 Carl Fischer Trombone:

That is an interesting one.  Carl Fischer was in New York.  I can only presume that he must have had a satellite store in Boston.  I've not seen any others with that marking.  Fischer was a dealer, not

2014-01-27 Double Bell Euphonium:

With some more information, we may be able to figure out which model this horn is.  (Large Bell up or forward), diameter of the bells, bore, etc.)  And, the Quarter Master Corps does indicate a military

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