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Tom Gordon

UK lock, physical security and safes with worldclass collections of safe plaques and Chatwood items. I do NOT have expert knowledge of American safes.

Mike Palmer

I earn my living identifying safes and suggesting cash limits for risk advisors and insurance surveyors in the UK. I'm not able to comment on safes made in the USA but will be happy to take questions on all major British and European manufacturers.

Doug MacQueen

This unusual and highly innovative safe from the later 1800's is a Corliss. William, the much younger brother of George Corliss of steam engine fame, spent several years perfecting this design and it was first displayed at the 1876 Philadelphia U.S. Centennial Exhibition. I do extensive patent research helping me in the study of antique U.S. safes and safe locks. Repairs and part making for antique U.S. safes of the early to mid 1800's, both key and combination. Also the study of early round door chest designs up to and including cannonball safes of the early 1900's.

Terry V. Andreasen (Andy)

Safe and Vault related Questions; Antique Safe Repair and Restoration; With over 40 years in the Safe & Vault industry, if I can't answer your question I know where to get the answer. Current Project: Restoration of two Tilton & McFarland Safes from the 1860's. Will answer Safe & Vault related questions concerning age, value, restoration, moving, opening & repairing, parts, operation and history. Note: It is not my intention to teach you to open safes or to provide information which may aid in the unlawful opening of a safe. I will not give out drill points or information which I deem inappropriate.

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2015-07-04 Identifying old strongbox possible?:

Hi Jeff,    I would be happy to look at it for you, though as you have noted, there is very little in the way of identifying info, available for them.     I do have some ideas in mind for yours, but will

2015-07-03 Cincinnati Safe & Lock:

Hi Emily,    Manufacturers generally never put "model" numbers on safes, and many did not use serial numbers.   Even if we had a serial number, it doesn't mean it would help as manufacturers also NEVER

2015-07-02 York Safe Co.:

Hi Michael,    The best I can do is to narrow down possible years of manufacture.   As there are no records available, there is no way to tell exactly when it would have been made.    Based on the single

2015-07-02 Macneale & urban safe dial:

Hi Randy,    it would depend on the dial and shaft assembly and more importantly, how they are connected.    Cutting it and welding a "section" in the middle to increase length is an option, however it

2015-07-01 Macneale & urban safe dial:

Randy,    Good luck with this one.    You basically have two choices, you can buy one out of someone's collection, or you can find a safe in worse shape than yours to use for "donor" parts.    There simply

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