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Arthur Viente

I can answer most questions related to B2B and B2C retail/wholesale operations; both online and offline. Very knowledgeable in merchandising, buying, planning and allocation, store operations, e-commerce (set up and logistics of operations). For more information visit my website at

Jill Odermann-Mullins

expert at technical design, writing of specifications, fitting, working knowledge of grading. Expert at production construction and pattern making. Expert at entire process from inception to top. have worked with designers and merchants and also worked the other end in agent office.


I can answer most questions in relationships (such as how to deal with meeting people, talking to someone for a first time, fights, break-ups, or general relationship questions). I can also help with friendships or family issues. I love to help people who feel like they don`t fit in or that need someone to talk them through tough times. I am eager to help and willing to listen to anyone who needs it!


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