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Timmy Chou

I am a experienced Mediator and a partner in a management consulting firm. As a mediator I work as a third-party neutral and specialize in partnership/shareholder disputes, management/labor issues, company culture difficulties, and family-owned business problems. I can help describe why alternative dispute resolution may be a good choice for you. As an experienced management consultant I may be able to offer creative ideas to help resolve your organizational and business problems and disputes. "If you say conflict, I say opportunity".

James Abron, P.E., P.L.S.

I can answer questions about mediation and arbitration of construction, architectural, engineering, environmental, and land use disputes. I am not an attorney and can not give legal advice.

David Conboy

I can answer questions about: internet, networking, websites, telecommunications, auto mechanics, carpentry, credit card processing, advertising, marketing, calling cards, promotional materials, options - both equity and index both short and long positions as well as strategies such as covered writing, bear spread, bull spread. I cannot answer legal, accounting or medical questions.

Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.

I am a licensed attorney and Judge Pro Tempore who has conducted and been involved in hundreds of mediations and thousands of arbitrations. I can answer questions regarding settlement conferences, mediations or arbitrations. I do not give legal advice over the internet and it would be helpful to list your location such as country or state.

For more information, you can view my website at WWW.EXPERTETHICS.COM

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