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Nazim Nice

I am a Seattle Architect and can answer architecture and design related questions. Ask me about material suggestions or usage. Ask me about design options - what is good design and what is bad. Ask me about choosing exterior house colors and furniture layout options. Ask me about detailing and assembling houses or components in the home. Ask me about green design or materials. Ask me about choosing an architect, the architectural services, basement remodels, second story additions, and whole house remodels. Ask me about garage design, bathroom remodels, laundry and mudroom design, family room additions, and roof deck additions.

Guido Tenaglia, LEED AP

I'd like to answer questions regarding Architecture. Corporate Interiors, Retail, and Residential building.History of Architecture.

Richard Burton AIA

A combined total of 25 years experience with construction, architecture, and building code enforcement. Ask me about residential and commercial design. Ask me about design aesthetics, structural methods, and building something that will withstand severe weather conditions. Ask me my opinion about YOUR design ideas and I will tell you the merits of good design and challenge your thinking about practical issues. Ask me how to best find and work with your local architect and approach general contractors to get the most value for the least amount of headaches. You can ask me about improving your energy efficiency and things that are both green and practical. But don't ask me about solar panels and wind turbines unless you are currently paying your utility company 35 cents per Kilowatt. Otherwise the math does not justify the initial cost and return on investment. Ask me any building code question and how to get a building permit from the most difficult enforcement agencies.

Thomas Buford

Licensed Architect in Virginia since 1984.
New Homes, Additions, Alterations, Outbuildings,
Failure Forensics; Small Construction Projects;
Remediation and Repair

Due to life safety concerns regarding some aspects of construction I may not be able to help with all questions. I do not answer structural specification questions without a site visit.

Recent Answers

2016-12-07 Circulation Space Percentage:

Quinn,    No, there is not a hard and fast rule about circulation space.  Theoretically, you could design a one-story building with zero circulation space and a lot of exterior doors around the perimeter

2016-10-17 Using prefabricated metal buildings in residential, retail, and office applications:

Quinn,    I did not say "center" floor space but I did say floor-ceiling space while trying to describe the floor framing system that supports the second floor and creates a ceiling over the first floor

2016-10-17 Using prefabricated metal buildings in residential, retail, and office applications:

Quinn,    I agree that pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) do provide a cost-effective advantage.  There is no limitation to their use in terms of occupancy.  Two-story churches, medical clinics, and

2016-10-05 Using unused space:

Quinn,    It has become a popular concept to make use of a roof top area as an occupied space.  From a life-safety perspective, you could have a cocktail party on the entire roof with 3,486 people standing

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