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Chuck Cosby

I can answer questions about speech recognition and natural language understanding. I am particulary strong in knowedge based natural langauge techniques. I cannot answer questions about robotics, nueral nets, prolog, or vision recognition - just speech and natural language.

Saurabh Kudesia

I can answer your queries related to AI, Fuzzy logic, algorithms, VR and simulation theories.

George Moustris

I can answer most of the questions about the workings of a Fuzzy Logic machine, from the basics up to a certain advanced point.Questions regarding applications of Fuzzy systems intregrating with other technologies such as Neural Nets or Genetic Algorithms are propably out of my reach although,with some research,i could try to answer them(i have working knowledge of Neural Nets an Genetic Algorithms but i`m far from being consider an expert to these areas).

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