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Larry Weber

All questions on lighting for plants, indoor grow lights, grow lights, seedling lighting, LED grow lights, induction fluorescent grow lights. Fixtures, components, ultraviolet air and water purification.


I can answer most questions about artificial plant lighting. I can answer questions about growing foliage plants under artificial plant lighting, what plants grow best under artificial plant lighting and how to design and set up artificial plant lighting systems. I can also answer questions about the most cost effective lights to use. I also have some experience with starting seeds under artificial lighting. I have been 'indoor gardening' for many years. I have about 75 houseplants which 60% of them are grown under artificial plant lighting. I have 5 artificial plant light systems that I designed and built myself. I have done extensive research and have about 10 years of experience with houseplants and artificial plant lighting.

Artificial Plant Lighting

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