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Brian Thompson

I am able to discuss the beliefs of the pentacostal movement and place them in context with the Word of God. I am also able to assist those who wish to lead small groups.

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2016-11-22 It looks like the Jews didn't kill JESUS !:

Hi Ray      The Jews demanded that Jesus be crucified, the Romans, who are gentiles, crucified him. The Jews actually said that the blood guilt should be on them, this is why it is said that the Jews killed

2016-11-19 Avoiding the main issue !:

Ray i think i have made it fairly obvious i am well aware of the observances associated with dec 25 both before and during the christian era. Not all christian churches observe dec 25 as christmas whether

2016-11-18 Arugmentive, NO just stating a fact:

hello ray    there are a number of cults within Christianity and most of them are focused on side issues.    You apparently have a bone to pick with Catholics and undoubtedly that church has let us down

2016-11-17 JESUS' BIRTHDAY ?:

Hellow ray    Christmas is observed as traditional day to celebrate Jesus December is a winter month it is unlikely that this is the date of Jesus birth as the shepards were in the fields and

2016-11-16 why did JESUS do that ?:

hello Ray    Culture ray. In that culture it is expected that travellers would be taken in, given shelter and food, there being no motels in Judea, therefore Jesus knew they had no need of extra clothing

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