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Brian Thompson

I am able to discuss the beliefs of the pentacostal movement and place them in context with the Word of God. I am also able to assist those who wish to lead small groups.

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2016-10-19 IS MY PASTOR CORRECT ?:

Hi Ray    Most protestant churches don't have the office of a confessor as you would find in the catholic church.    When we are told to confess our sins one to another, this is a continuous process, keeping

2016-09-01 Gen. 1:26 . . . Our Image ?:

Hi Ray    I have intrepreted this passage as clear evidence that the trinity not only exists but it exists right right from the very beginning. The father is saying that we should be as they are; a triune

2016-08-11 Please give me you views:

Hi Ray    It seems to me we have discussed the issue of different versions of the Bible before.    I don't believe that different versions of the Bible constitute adding to the Word, but I do think deliberately

2016-08-09 Why Do We Have To Suffer - When its was Adam:

hi Ray    I am unsure what that first question is Ray, you can trust Jesus, his teachings are absolutely consistent    from my perspective the problem with Adam and Eve predated the "eating of the apple"

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