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Scott Petullo

Please note: I don't do free readings here. That means if you ask for something my clients pay for, your question will be rejected.

I'm happy to answer general astrology questions, such as identifying a particular Moon sign or Sun sign that happens to be on the cusp, or identifying an Ascendant (Rising sign) or a ruler (or rulers) of a particular house, etc.

As an example, you might ask, "My 7th house (house of partnerships, relationships, etc.) cusp sign is Virgo, so which planet rules the house considering I have no planets in that house?"

Or, you might ask, for instance, "My natal Sun is on the cusp, in which sign is it?"

Again, I WON'T DO PERSONAL READINGS HERE. Also, if your question relates to modern, psychological astrology, I won't answer it since the bulk of my predictive work is done using more ancient forms (I find them far more accurate). I won't answer questions about Chinese astrology or Vedic/Hindu astrology either.

My expertise involves the application of ancient forms of astrology (and numerology) to interpret personal fate, and assess personality and compatibility .....

Acharya V Shastri

I Can guide in area like Finance, Personal Relationship, Promotion, Profession, Health, Disputes, Losses via Indian Traditional Astrology And Numerology Please ask me specific question only. I am trying to answer the same without any charges. If I found some paid remedies, I just advice you only. Rest all is depending on you.

Bill Hajdu

Chinese Astrology. I`ve done Chinese astrology for over 25 years, pimary experience Ming Shu style. I am NOT a psychic. I can't answer questions about when a particular event will occur, when/if your life will change, or what your spouse is going to be/look like. I do comment on relationships, career, personality analysis and life cycle chi, i.e., energy level and influences at each of the five stages of life. I evaluate specific relationships or can look at your love life in general. I can tell you your best career choices and whether the one you've chosen is good for you. And, I can identify the strong and weak times in your life. I've done work for Yahoo, and

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrologer from 2001. Free Vedic Astrology, vedic Astrology, Learn Astrology, pancha pakshi astrology Vedic Astrology Horoscope Predictions - I am accurate with my own astrological algorithm. Google+ Vedic Astrology horoscope predictions given. Remedies for any Doshas in chart. Timing activities as per one's chart. Advice on Mantras, Gem stones and Yantras. Pancha Pakshi timing predictions. Nadiamsa ( 150th harmonic chart) predictions.

Anil (Jyotish Shiromani)

I have 10 years of experience in professional astrology. You can ask your problems related with career, marriage, business, love affairs and any other type of question. Please ask only one question. For detailed analysis, contact on phone or email. While sending question, do not forget to include your: Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth. ...............


Please visit and With academic qualifications in Engineering , Management , Astrology and currently pursued LLB along with 24 year experience of corporate service life , online astrology consultancy solving hundreds of cases of professionals , you can get help from me in following areas : 1. Knowing Your Own Potential via Study of Astrological Chart . 2. Knowing Your School Going Children's Natural Potential in study and enhancing that in right direction for future career. 3. Any Issue Requiring Decision-Making in Personal life like marriage , children , house purchase , health, investment , litigation etc and professional issues like job change , future planning , career changes etc.


I am a Retired INDIAN BANK MANAGER from CHENNAI, INDIA. At present doing services as an ONLINE ASTROLOGER - doing online Astrology- Numerology Consultations. please furnish the following particulars: name: fatherís name: motherís name: date of birth time of birth place of birth: Place :: religion: education: Profession: precious stones wearing particulars : Choose a number from 1 to 2193 : contact cell no: and e mail id: yours question: PLEASE ASK ONE QUESTION ONLY please avoid multiple questions . pariharas so far performed: ********************* MY WEB PAGE:

Subbarao MV

O'm..Gam: Ganapathaye namah: Sri Gurubhyom Namaha...Under my Master's and Guru's blessings, I can answer questions relating to Astrology ,with my 40 yrs of experience. May be that Compatability of horoscopes for Marriages, remedial measures in delayed marriages, progress in the studies and higher-level of education , getting jobs, promotional chances, financial stability, health problems,disputes in the family and outside, monetary-problems,tensions, worries etc. I will advise some remedial measures also for propitiating the planets i.e.,Santhi, Homa, japa, Navadhanya-daana , Ratna-dharana etc.,calculating the strength of the planets, and the running mahardasas in their Zodiacal birth signs. Even then, frankly speaking, WE SHOULD experience some Negative results, what ever Parihaara you will do. I feel that my MASTERS will speak through me. This is all my MASTER'S Voice, what I feel in my predictions. If my predictions are correct the CREDIT goes to my Masters and Gurus only. Regarding Vasthu also, I will suggest some techniques, to benefit for the entire family members. My contact Numbers....+91 9849519456., and +91 8465846856


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I specialise in relationship compatibility. We all want to know that the partner we have invested so much of our time in, is the one. I use universal energy here to answer questions such as " are we made for one another? Is my partner being faithful to me? does he/she love me?" Can you tell me more about my children... Is there someone at work that you just can't get along with? I can answer your questions...all answers here will be very brief. I do offer full paid readings if you would like that choice.


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Marriage,Delay,Compatibility,Marital Discord,relationship problems, Children and Childbirth problems,Divorce,etc

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Pawasha...Your Zodiac is very bright. You will adjust very much and they will like you also. Your pay will also increase. Be confident. Display Elephant pictures in your room and worship well on wednesdays

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Tiffany.. At present some unfavourable period  is running.  Mental strain, anxiety, tension, irritation,disputes and all such unwanted things will run for some period . But you need not worry..They will

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Dear user  Present running dasa for you: venus maha dasa with venus sub period upto 24.08.2019  As per your birth chart,    You  have manglic dosha         Please contact your  family astrologer for choosing

2016-11-22 Job:

Dear James ,    I think there should be changes in your profession & family situation in coming months. However I am not sure as your chart gets ascendant at 0 degree in Gemini so , it can be Taurus also

2016-10-31 marriage:

Hi sukhendu,    I go by Guru Dakshina parampara (tradition).  I will predict with NadiAmsa for timing. Following are my dakshina.      1. Solution, Remedies to do, Puja to do for a Particular Lord, Temples

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