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Philip Stahl

I have more than forty years of experience in Astronomy, specifically solar and space physics. My specialties include the physics of solar flares, sunspots, including their effects on Earth and statistics pertaining to sunspot morphology and flare geo-effectiveness.

Courtney Seligman

I can answer almost any question about astronomy and related sciences, such as physics and geology. I will not answer questions about astrology and similar pseudo-scientific rubbish.

Paul Wagner

Astronomy and telescope making. Have made at least seven telescopes, both refractors and reflectors, and have spent 30 years looking at the nighttime sky.

Harry Hayfield

Particular expert in eclipses (both solar and lunar), but able to answer most questions about astronomy or refer to a website that can help

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2017-02-24 Probability:

Exactly! There is simply no specific way to obtain such a result given you are no longer in a deterministic realm, but a stochastic or nonlinear domain.  I don't know if you've ever taken a college physics

2017-02-23 Probability:

Hello,    I suspect the ongoing problem or issue is that popularized articles simply mislead laymen, lay people into believing solutions or conclusions are more straightforward than they really are. And

2017-02-22 Probability:

Hello, and thanks for your question.    First, the decision to reclassify Pluto - unbeknownst to many - was not based on any objective parameters but rather on a subjective definition that was voted on

2017-02-19 Telescopes:

Hi James    The views you get from a telescope depend on two things:. Light gathering (how big the lens or mirror is) and magnification.  If you want to see details on the planets, the best ones to look

2017-02-19 Kepler's laws:

I already told you and SHOWED you that you CANNOT have a perpendicular vector (or scalar) value to the radial attractive force! Besides, IF Vp is a *velocity* then it must by definition be a vector! You

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