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Harry Hayfield

Particular expert in eclipses (both solar and lunar), but able to answer most questions about astronomy or refer to a website that can help

Paul Wagner

Astronomy and telescope making. Have made at least seven telescopes, both refractors and reflectors, and have spent 30 years looking at the nighttime sky.

Courtney Seligman

I can answer almost any question about astronomy and related sciences, such as physics and geology. I will not answer questions about astrology and similar pseudo-scientific rubbish.

Philip Stahl

I have more than forty years of experience in Astronomy, specifically solar and space physics. My specialties include the physics of solar flares, sunspots, including their effects on Earth and statistics pertaining to sunspot morphology and flare geo-effectiveness.

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2016-02-05 Accelerating Universe:

Hello,    No, dark energy is totally novel. Thus, dark energy is a separate concept from dark matter. The former is based entirely on what we call an equation of state, written      w = (p / rho) = -1

2016-02-05 Accelerating Universe:

Hello, and thanks for your question.    Actually, to the extent we trust our measurements (including for the density of the cosmos, red shifts etc.) and we do, the acceleration is real and is tied to what

2016-01-01 Astronomy/Our Milky way way galaxy:

Although no light can escape the interior of a black hole, even the most massive black holes are very small compared to the distances between stars, so it is actually much harder to shine a light in the

2015-12-21 Latitude and Longitude of Planets.:

Hi Prashant     The other planets all have a very small effect on the orbits of each other---Jupiter has the most, and then Saturn.  But these effects are so small that they were never noticed, until extremely

2015-12-21 Latitude and Longitude of Planets.:

Hi Parshant    We can't use latitude and longitude to describe the planets, because as the Earth orbits the Sun, the sky changes a little bit each year in relationship to the coordinates on Earth---and

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