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Harry Hayfield

Particular expert in eclipses (both solar and lunar), but able to answer most questions about astronomy or refer to a website that can help

Courtney Seligman

I can answer almost any question about astronomy and related sciences, such as physics and geology. I will not answer questions about astrology and similar pseudo-scientific rubbish.

Paul Wagner

Astronomy and telescope making. Have made at least seven telescopes, both refractors and reflectors, and have spent 30 years looking at the nighttime sky.

Philip Stahl

I have more than forty years of experience in Astronomy, specifically solar and space physics. My specialties include the physics of solar flares, sunspots, including their effects on Earth and statistics pertaining to sunspot morphology and flare geo-effectiveness.

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2016-10-18 Moon photograph:

Hello,    Bear in mind the full Moon sets when the Sun rises. This means your photo would need to be takn in the pre-dawn hours which precede the full Moon setting. (Refer to the diagram already sent)

2016-09-22 Moons role in earthquakes:

It appears that lunar tides can slightly increase the number of microquakes in the lower regions of deep fault zones (quakes measuring about 1.0 or less on the Richter scale); but despite many studies

2016-08-31 Rain in other planets.:

Hi Prashant    There certainly is!  Astronomers suggest that there are frequent rainstorms on Venus (albeit with sulfuric acid laced liquid, rather than water) and there is clear evidence of rain in ages

2016-08-31 Rain in other planets.:

In general, the other planets cannot have rain in the sense that the Earth does, but there could be liquid droplets gradually falling relative to the surrounding gases in some part of the atmosphere of

2016-08-31 Capturing Rainbow Images.:

Hi Prashant    If you can connect a digital camera to your telescope (you usually need a special attachment for this) you can take photos through the telescope.  But unless it is a small telescope with

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