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Patrick Weiler

I`d be pleased to answer questions about any aspect of astronomy, particularly those related to cosmology, astrophysics, and planetary sciences. I can also provide reliable information on unique topics like dark energy, dark matter, black holes, etc.,.

Harry Hayfield

Particular expert in eclipses (both solar and lunar), but able to answer most questions about astronomy or refer to a website that can help

Paul Wagner

Astronomy and telescope making. Have made at least seven telescopes, both refractors and reflectors, and have spent 30 years looking at the nighttime sky.

Philip Stahl

On Vacation
returns 09/20/2014
I have more than forty years of experience in Astronomy, specifically solar and space physics. My specialties include the physics of solar flares, sunspots, including their effects on Earth and statistics pertaining to sunspot morphology and flare geo-effectiveness.

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2014-09-11 Meade Model 97E:

Hi Al     This is a really good question, on both ends.  As a spotting scope I think this would still find some people who would be interested...birdwatchers and the like...because it has decent optics

2014-09-06 Climate Change:

You are correct. The tilt of our axis is much more important than the change in our distance from the Sun. It is the cause of the seasons, and is so much more important than the eccentricity that the Northern

2014-07-31 Planets' Atmospheres:

The primary reason that Mercury and Mars do not have atmospheres is that they are too small to hold onto one. There is a detailed though incomplete discussion of this on my website at http://cseligman

2014-07-30 Temperatures on Mercury:

Hello,      And thanks for your response. Let me touch on several aspects here:    1) You write:    "Had I understood everything well from the beginning, I wouldn't have needed to ask AllExperts, would

2014-07-29 Temperatures on Mercury:

Hello,    First, according to my Websters Encyclopedic Dictionary - so we are clear -  the primary definition of "actual" is:    Existing in act or fact, REAL    Hence, my meaning holds.  (The def. you

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