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Rhapsody Love

Looking for a lifelong, loving relationship? I`ve been with the same partner for 30+ years and we're in love now more than ever. It's not just a coincidence. I've worked at it and the first part was to find the right man for me. I hope I can help you do the same. I've been answering questions online for over a decade & my ratings show that people like my advice. I've also helped people in person and in other ways online.


expertise: over 6000 questions answered...B.A. Psychology Bates College;graduate study, Fordham Univ. School Social Work; technical editor, "dating for dummies" by dr joy browne...thoughtful consideration of your question, then insightful advice about love,romance and related issues given in an objective, non-judgmental manner...over 20 years of personal experience in both short and long term relationships...longer term consultations are available experience: personal involvement in many relationships where issues of love, sex, intimacy, trust, etc., had to be dealt with and resolved...just having "experiences", however, isn`t`s the thoughtful reflection upon and analysis of what happened and why, that leads to learning and tell me what`s on your mind and i`ll try to help, or tell you if i can`t...thanks

Dr. Dennis W. Neder

Literally, any question related to finding and meeting the man of your dreams. I am the top-rated expert in "General Dating Questions", "How to Attract the Man/Woman of your Dreams" and "Places to Meet People". In fact, over the past few years, I've answered over 32,000 letters from readers, have written over 700 articles, written numerous books, recorded CD's and DVD's, done hundreds of radio and tv shows and have millions of readers all over the world. If your question is particularly sensitive you can also write to me privately and securely at:

Lauren Kay Wyatt

As an Intuitive Relationship Expert, I assist people in getting out of relationship hell by loving themselves all the way to relationship bliss. Any questions pertaining to manifesting relationship bliss is what I do best! Using my intuition, personal, and professional experience, I offer insightful,practical, honest, and uplifting advice on all relationship matters.

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