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I will provide unique, proven to be effective, and specific insights into how YOU can approach and meet a woman in any situation, and how to not miss those opportunities that most men miss out on, how to handle fear of approaching, how to improve confidence and self esteem, the best things to say to a woman and how to respond to her. Learn more about me and my work at

Dr. Dennis W. Neder

I am the author of the books "Being a Man in a Woman`s World I & II" and "1001 Places and Techniques to Meet Great Women" and 11 others. I`ve spent the last 20 years studying the art and science of every aspect of relationships, dating and sex, and have answered over 30,000 letters from readers from all over the world. I'm able to answer literally any question regarding dating, finding and approaching women, sex, getting phone numbers, setting dates, what to do on dates, how to set them (and make sure she shows), dealing with dating problems, conversion from dates to relationships, etc. Check my website at: for much more. If your question is particularly sensitive you can email me privately and securely at:

How to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams

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