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Audio Design Engineer; systems, loudspeakers, cd/dvd players, etc. I am knowledgeable in all high end audio equipment and installations. MAKE SURE YOU GIVE A MAKE AND MODEL NUMBER AND CAR IF IT IS AN AUTO QUESTION. Note: I am getting some who ask good questions that take a lot of time to research but then the questioner fails to read the answer. Please don't ask questions unless you are seriously looking for an answer. If you find an answer to your question otherwise then let me know with your reply. Thank you.

Wayne Tapia

Home Theater Audio Cabling (from HDMI to speaker cable). I WILL REJECT ALL CAR AUDIO QUESTIONS - I am not a car audio guy.

Jerry Mael

Maxed Out
My forte is audio.. Car/Home/Boat. You name it, I will help you even if it is just a link to more assistance. If you want to interface new gear to your factory radio I can do us both a favor and tell you to go to or call them at 1.800.555.7088. They really are top notch at doing that for people with great support. I will re-direct most questions of that nature to them. The rest of it... I am eager to help you with. I am also not a 'Master Installation Technician' that will tell you I cannot assist you with cars not made in the USA. Talk to me about any audio upgrades including 'bang for the buck'.
Specialties include: Overall Acoustics, Gain structure/settings and Enclosure design, system design/consultation, when/where to get which upgrades as well as other pertinent info for the mobile audio enthusiast and much more.

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2017-01-10 Church Audio:

Yes, augmenting the system with more speakers is a legitimate method.  And, not only more speakers, properly placed, can fill in the sound areas where audio strength is needed.  Power level of the amplifiers

2017-01-10 Church Audio:

I see nothing wrong with your proposal.  It may be an improvement for driving the speakers and the 70v Mackie should really be using 70v transformers to connect the speakers.  Transformers are usually

2016-12-02 Home Audio Ignorant:

A good place to start is which carries reviews of all kinds.  You can search it for stereo receivers.  Another good place to study is which has many helps and hints for starting

2016-12-01 Crown XLS 2000 Amplifier speaker connection:

Well, it doesn't quite work that way.  Six speakers in parallel is 8/6 = 1.3 ohms. That is too low for one channel.      It would be more ideal if you could get by with 8 speakers; 4 on each side of the

2016-11-29 Crown XLS 2000 Amplifier speaker connection:

Nothing wrong with the speaker units you have described.    Here is the engineering matter you must conform to. The impedance load on the amplifier must be observed so as to not overload the amplifier

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