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I can answer Any Auto Glass Question.

Darlene Dunham

Anything related to automotive side view mirror glass replacement.

Ben Menard

I am interested in answering questions regarding power window problems. Most typically those inquires will involve problems with window regulators, window motors, and window switches.

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2016-10-02 Rear wndow:

Hi Dennis ,          Looking back to the 1960's to present I can not find a windshield with that exact size . All are either smaller or much bigger. My Answer would be Poly Carbon and cut

2016-09-30 Window regulator/ winow mounting bolts:

Hi Joseph,     I am not sure of thread size.  Since you are having problems, why not just drill out the threads on the glass mount brackets (be very careful not to break the brackets by using too large

2016-09-08 1998 1999 honda civic windshiedl:

Hi Todd ,          The windows are totally different and have different part #s The 98 takes a Fw822 and the 99 takes a Fw2112.     Both are a pain to save out of a donor car and it should not

2016-09-07 Front windshield rear view window fix:

Hi David.          I can only imagine the Frustration! I am going to guess that the window was installed by Safebite and their true leak technology? the glass has the letters S. G. C. somewhere

2016-09-06 malibu vehicle specs:

Hi Beth,          All parts are the same on the Chevy Malibu from 1997-2003 Chevy Malibu. Thanks for the Question.    Hope This Helps! Derek =D      Part Number NAGS Description

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