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Rob Painter, ASE, CFL, CFEI

My background in auto theft is extensive. I have been directly involved in the repair of over 10,000 theft recovered vehicles. I also do insurance investigation as to how a vehicle was last operated. My clients are insurance companies and attorneys. Was featured in the A & E auto theft documentary "Stealing Wheels" July 26, 2000. Has consulted with Daimler Chrysler steering column engineers to make their steering columns harder to defeat. Holds patent # 6,039,140 for 8 different variations to protect air bags from theft.

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2016-12-01 Box Truck Security System:

Hi Kevin,    You didn't state what type of work you do and how often you will use the mandoor in conjunction with the tailgate.    As for the rear door, there are some awful looking locks with chrome steel

2016-11-28 Truck stolen:

Hello Aram,    See, this is the problem, so many people think they are secure with this factory junk referred to by many as anti theft. You have the PK III transponder system designed in about 1994 and

2016-11-20 steering column cts cadillac 03:

Hello,   There is a chip in the key unique to the vehicles computer. A key programmed to another computer will not start your engine. The system in your car is known as PK III.  As stated, the Locksmith

2016-11-20 steering column cts cadillac 03:

Hello,    You did not say as to why you had to change the steering column. I assume you installed a junk yard steering column with a key, without whoever you bought it from telling you that key will not

2016-10-28 're: Factory anti theft on 2001 Deville:

Hi,    It sounds like what you have is not a factory installed device, but a dealer installed device. Years ago ProLock and Stargard offered them for $7 installed and the dealer would charge up to $2,000

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