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Rob Painter, ASE, CFL, CFEI

My background in auto theft is extensive. I have been directly involved in the repair of over 10,000 theft recovered vehicles. I also do insurance investigation as to how a vehicle was last operated. My clients are insurance companies and attorneys. Was featured in the A & E auto theft documentary "Stealing Wheels" July 26, 2000. Has consulted with Daimler Chrysler steering column engineers to make their steering columns harder to defeat. Holds patent # 6,039,140 for 8 different variations to protect air bags from theft.

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2017-01-09 Re: help:

Hello Dan,    Yes, you are in a situation all too common in America. Trust me when I say that you are not alone, even though you may feel that way.    It's a funny thing about forensic locksmiths that

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