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Rob Painter, ASE, CFL, CFEI

My background in auto theft is extensive. I have been directly involved in the repair of over 10,000 theft recovered vehicles. I also do insurance investigation as to how a vehicle was last operated. My clients are insurance companies and attorneys. Was featured in the A & E auto theft documentary "Stealing Wheels" July 26, 2000. Has consulted with Daimler Chrysler steering column engineers to make their steering columns harder to defeat. Holds patent # 6,039,140 for 8 different variations to protect air bags from theft.

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2016-08-18 2004 Silverado pass lock:

Hi,    Yes, I can help and it costs you nothing to fix.  There are 10 different codes built into the ignition housing. Changing the colon gives you a one in 10 odds that the computer will see the rotation

2016-07-24 say::

Hello,    As you addressed your question you stated your vehicle was a 199 expedition and no chip in key. That statement is factually incorrect, because the 1997 expedition was the first SUV to have the

2016-07-21 say::

Hello,    What makes you think the engine will start with ).chpped key?  You say you finally removed the ignition lock. What did you break,? Commonly with inexperienced doing this, they break the magnesium

2016-07-04 're:2009 stolen suburban:

Hi,    There are a lot of issues in questions here, but what you are going through is quite common.  I want it known that I am not anti insurance company, because there are a lot of fraud claims out there

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