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Most questions pertaining to Automotive and Motorcyle Cleaning & Detailing. Please DO NOT SEND ME QUESTIONS PERTAINING TO PAINTING, BODY WORK, DENTS, DINGS, REPLACING PANELS....ETC.


I can answer most questions on auto refinishing materials. Especially PPG products. I have knowledge in the latest repair materials and techniques. When it comes to automotive paint I have a solid understanding of how things work.

Dave Norgardt

Absolutely anything autobody related... Frame repair, suspension, alignment, panel replacement, panel repair, fiberglass, plastic repair, paint, air bags, etc.....

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2017-02-06 Door moulding replacement:

Hi Kenny....The best method of repair to re-install the moulding, is to first carefully peel it off completely. When removing it, the warmer the temperature the better, as it will lessen the chance of

2017-01-27 could this have bent my frame???:

Hi Michele,    I would suggest that you not settle until your vehicle is fixed back to pre-accident condition. I would also tell them, "I don't care what the cost is, I just want it put back the way it

2017-01-27 black touch up paint:

Hi Theo,    I'm not sure which color the Ravens use on their helmets. If you don't use the correct color it will show up pretty bad.     If you can't feel the scratches with a fingernail it's possible

2017-01-13 Body parts:

Hi Domingo....I did some checking for you on our Keystone/Cross Canada website. ( I will list the link below )  According to the parts list comparing the same vehicle with a 4 cylinder and V6, the bumper

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