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I can answer most questions on auto refinishing materials. Especially PPG products. I have knowledge in the latest repair materials and techniques. When it comes to automotive paint I have a solid understanding of how things work.

Dave Norgardt

Absolutely anything autobody related... Frame repair, suspension, alignment, panel replacement, panel repair, fiberglass, plastic repair, paint, air bags, etc.....


Most questions pertaining to Automotive and Motorcyle Cleaning & Detailing. Please DO NOT SEND ME QUESTIONS PERTAINING TO PAINTING, BODY WORK, DENTS, DINGS, REPLACING PANELS....ETC.

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2016-08-30 Passenger Side Mirror:

Hi Faye.    Thank you very much, for your detailed description of what happened. As you mentioned, being that all three bolts are still there, and are still attached to the base of the mirror, it is not

2016-07-08 recoating acrylic enamel:

Hi Mike,    If it's acrylic enamel, it will have a specific time that you can repair and recoat. I would suggest checking with the paint manufacturer and seeing what they recommend for the repair time

2016-07-07 Rust:

Hi again Morgan.    Thank you for taking the time to send me a picture. As you had mentioned in regards to having limited tools, from what the picture shows, if you own or have access to an electric drill

2016-07-05 Rust:

Hi Morgan.    If you don't mind, please send me a picture of the rust occurring on your vehicle. It will give me an idea of the extent of the rust, as well as my opinion for a repair procedure. Thanks

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