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Skip Bollinger

Heretofore, I will NOT answer any mechanical question. I am not qualified and can only offer speculations. You are better served by others that are true Techs. With that being said, please only ask about parts and locating obsolete Auto Parts. Thank you. I have the ability to locate quite a few mechanical parts for American made vehicles fron the 1900`s to present. Some are OEM and some are aftermarket. This would include engine, brake and chassis parts. Body parts and trim are VERY difficult to find but you may inquire. If you need assistance in repair, I have illustrated books for major American manufacturers that show some illustrations BEFORE 1974. If needed, I can supply repair manuals for your specific vehicle. PLEASE REMEBER I'M A PARTS SPECIALIST, NOT A TECH!! Thank you.. Skip

Ernest (Ernie) Kenward

The challenges I most enjoy are thoughtful technical questions of a trouble-shooting nature in both electrical, power electronic and mechanical systems, mainly automotive but also machine control and small-machine PLC applications. Please note, however, that I am NOT a walking shop manual! I DO, however, make it a point to have those manuals and other service literature for those vehicles I DO own, and highly recommend that anyone serious about maintenance or modification of their vehicles do the same; MOST of your answers WILL be found there. For that matter, I do NOT go out of my way to acquire shop manuals for any vehicle I do NOT own! That being the case, any general query to me along the lines of "What is the meaning of this code read from the ECU of my 2015 XYZ?" or "Where is the fuse for the windshield washer pump found?" (try your car's electrical distribution panel for a start!) will not go far. What I do offer is a pretty good collection of literature, insights and hands-on experience with 1950s to 1980's Ford products (plus a developing database of information and practice with the Mercedes diesel cars), along with an engineering perspective .....

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2016-09-30 part compatibility for a 1994 Pontiac Grand AM:

Glenn,    Thank you for your question. It is out of my realm of expertise as I specialize in individual parts, not "components" BUT I will offer my thoughts for your consideration.     ANY GOOD Salvage

2016-09-05 misfire codes showing:

While cleaning some assemblies (called by some "solvent rebuilds"!) can restore or at least improve performance, fuel systems which get a lot of "through-put", that is, the car is driven enough to use

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