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Margaret Placentra Johnston

I am particularly interested in answering questions about the stages of spiritual growth, faith development, religious stages. The term spiritual growth or spiritual development can have many different interpretations. In some cases, it refers to the ability to have para-normal or mystical experiences. Others use it to describe the ability to communicate with beings that are not present here on earth with us at this time, such as dead people or our own prior lifetimes. This is not where my knowledge and expertise lie. The type of spiritual growth questions I can address concern here and now issues about religious belief versus non-belief, the stages of religious development and spiritual development where spirituality is defined as living deeper than the surface things of life, knowing there is more to life than the latest new car, questioning the deeper meanings of our existence.

Elsabe Smit

Crisis related to organised religion vs spirituality, life purpose, metaphysics, spiritual development, personal growth


Anything about Christ's Path, Enlightenment and the Kundalini Process. All Religions or Faiths... You May Also Visit My Website: for In Depth Information about "The Inward Path" (The Kundalini Path / कुण्डलिनी / กุณฺฑลินี / Holy Spirit / Shekhinah / ال الروح القدس / 神 /성령 / Espíritu Santo)

Brother Dave

General and advanced questions on Christian Theology, spirituality, God-seeking and God-finding, personal God-consciousness, supreme values of love, mercy, service ministry, truth, beauty and goodness, Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, Deity, Reality, trends in religion and spirituality, interfaith, mysticism, science and philosophy related to religion, integration of science, philosophy and religion, transformative Visions of God such as given to Blaise Pascal, Charles Finney and others, Cosmic consciousness, origin-nature-destiny of humans and other beings. Normally, I choose not to answer sarcastic questions of atheists or other overtly immoral questions.

Prem Amit

All questions related to spiritual growth process, dealing with real life situations with a Zorba mind. Every problem is no problem. Creating a state of awareness and consciousness through meditation as a tool. Meditation practices and techniques for all to reach a state of no mind. Assist seekers to live a life in peace and harmony with self and the world at large along with self growth in a process to attain or know the truth.

Liz La Force

I am able to answer questions on which i have found my own answers. I won't tell you my answers, because i do think we learn most by finding our own truth,but i will be able to give you tips, tools and methods to find your own answer. And can share with you universal knowledge about life, love and relationships.

Ko Thiha

Primarily I can answer any questions related to meditation and Buddhist tradition in Myanmar (Burma). This includes present traditions as well as past history, and such traditions as Pa Auk, SN Goenka, Mahasi, Shwe Oo Min, etc. I can respond to technical questions on technique, questions on history and lineage, and practical questions for seekers to the Golden Land. In some cases I can compare Burmese Buddhist tradition to other Buddhist countries and the experience found in the West.

Jim Dreaver

I can answer any existential question - i.e. "Who am I?" "What am I here to do?" and "What is the meaning of life?"

Raja Subramaniyan

I can answer all questions relating to Enlightenment aka Awakening, Nirvana or the ultimate goal of a human being.


On Vacation
returns 11/14/2016
I would like to help "recovering fundementalists" and anyone who has left Christianity for other spiritual paths. I'll be happy to discuss questions of personal growth and spiritual / religious exploration. My answers will likely be opinion, advice, food for thought, reading resources and general supportiveness rather than hard and fast facts.

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2016-08-18 Meditation:

Hi James,    You were blessed with a tasted of the bliss and freedom your true nature,   what you always are underneath this "person" you "think"/"believe" you are.    It is not often that this happens

2016-07-31 spiritual karma:

Dear Sam,    Yes, karma is the law of cause and effect - and it  just the way the universe is.    It is a mystery, and the more we accept the mystery,  the more our life flows harmoniously.    People suffer

2016-07-31 query on karma:

Hi Sam. I wish I could give you an exact answer to your question, but you have hit on one of the great mysteries of our existence. First of all, you are presuming that karma and reincarnation are facts

2016-07-31 question on karma:

Hi Sam,    Awakening or Enlightenment happens to few individuals like Eckhart Tolle or Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev without any self effort. For the remaining majority, it is essential to study the holy scriptures

2016-07-31 karma:

Dear Sam,    First of all thank you for your interesting question.    Which I am going to answer with all that I know right now.    Karma as I know it is cause and effect. We do something and this has

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