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Patrick Dunn

I can answer most general questions on bluegrass banjo (3-finger, or "Scruggs" style; basics of playing, major figures associated with the style (mostly older, or "traditional" practitioners, not so much the contemporary players). I can deal with basic music theory as applied to the 5-string banjo, plus tunings, techniques, and associated styles (melodic, single-string). I've never been an instructor, but I've taken enough lessons and collected enough instructional material that I'm sure I could help out beginning students. I'm good with tablature, less used to classical notation; I've attained a pretty broad knowledge of bluegrass in general - the songs, players, and history, but I don't have such a refined ear that I could differentiate one person's playing style from another just by listening, like some can. I can also answer questions regarding "jamming" procedure and etiquette, since that's what I've tried to focus on lately in my own playing. I don't regard myself as any kind of expert on banjo construction or banjo makers. I also do not perform on stage, so I have little knowledge of the procedures of equipment related to that area.

Kevinpaul Moore

Banjo buying, repair what is the best way to handle a problem with you banjo. I build banjos fix them and try to play them. Writing music for banjos in a rock and roll band. Combine the old with new sounds and media.

Jim Ryan

I do NOT appraise banjos and so I can't give you a dollar valuation for your instrument. After all, the best thing to do with a nice banjo is to go ahead and play it. But I'm happy to discuss clawhammer (old-time) banjo set-up, recordings, musicianship, practice tips, repertoire.


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