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Lynn Houston

I can answer questions in basic algebra and any grade school math.

John Zalewski

I can help you solve problems involving fractions, decimals, ratios, and algebra. I can teach you how to do math faster, and even in your head. I can teach math definitions, and help you study, if necessary. Please do not ask any graphing, trigonometry, or calculus questions. Try to work through homework questions before asking for assistance.

Abe Mantell

On Vacation
returns 12/25/2014
Hello, I am a college professor of mathematics and regularly teach all levels from elementary mathematics through differential equations, and would be happy to assist anyone with such questions!

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2014-11-29 Curious:

Hello, Dan.    When dividing by a decimal, the first step is to move the decimal point of the divisor (the number that is doing the dividing) to the right, in order to make a whole number.    For your

2014-11-17 Arithematic:

Hi, Ankit.    We can set up an equation to solve this problem, having x represent Adam's monthly salary.    .2x + (1/2)(170) = 645    Simplify.    .2x + 85 = 645    Subtract 85 from both sides.    .2x

2014-10-03 Algebra college level 100 intermediate:

Hello, Jennifer.    I assume that f(x) = (x-2)^2.       Questions like these can be rewritten as (f 0 (g(-1)), or, for the second question, (g 0 (f(-1)).    A) First solve (g 0 -1). This is equal to -1

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