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Abe Mantell

Hello, I am a college professor of mathematics and regularly teach all levels from elementary mathematics through differential equations, and would be happy to assist anyone with such questions!

Lynn Houston

I can answer questions in basic algebra and any grade school math.

John Zalewski

I can help you solve problems involving fractions, decimals, ratios, and algebra. I can teach you how to do math faster, and even in your head. I can teach math definitions, and help you study, if necessary. Please do not ask any graphing, trigonometry, or calculus questions. Try to work through homework questions before asking for assistance.

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2015-01-20 Math:

Hello, Angel.    We know that Julie has fewer than 50 sweets. The most she can have, therefore, is 49.     If she packs the sweets into groups of 5, she will have 3 left, but simultaneously, if she packs

2015-01-18 gas mileage:

Nope, you're a little off.  You forgot that the uhaul is getting 10 miles per gallon, so each tank will actually take you approx 400 miles.  You'll only need to fill up 4 times (if the tank is topped off

2015-01-16 Inequalities:

Hello Adrian,    Let x=the final exam score.    Thus, her average will be: (72+82+83+89+2x)/6, divide by 6 since the final counts  as two tests.  Simplifying gives: (326+2x)/6, which needs to be greater

2015-01-12 Math:

Hello, Ethan.    $39.58 + $52.22 = $91.80    $91.80/4 = $22.95    Answer: $22.95    Explanation: Caitlan has a store credit for $39.58. That, coupled with the amount that she personally spent out of pocket

2014-12-26 Percentages:

Hello Kenneth,    Good question.    In a mathematical sense, rate is a proportion.    So, for example, when we talk about speed, it is the proportion formed by  change in distance and change in time..

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