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Geoff Kipps-Bolton

I can answer questions about swarming honeybees and hive removal. I do not kill the bees but remove them alive to a safe place. and my new site at

Shaun Billings

I have the knowledge & experience to provide a thorough answer to questions on honeybees & Africanized 'killer' bees. I can cover facts about their behavior, anatomy, impact on our environment, and techniques & methods to removing swarms/hives from structures. Although I am not fully knowledgeable with beekeeping practices, the company I work for relocates the hives we collect to the owner of a local orange grove that needs the bees for pollination. We provide bee relocation services in San Diego, Riverside, Orange County and south San Bernardino.

Paul Baumeister

I can answer any questions about bee Removal from buildings, trees, etc. If you need advice about bee swarms, bee trapping, honeycomb removal, or honey bee relocation, feel free to ask us. You can visit our site to view the pictures of many of the jobs that we have done Bee removal in Sacramento. If you need any advice on a step by step process, I will be happy to provide the details.

Jeff Russell

Honey Bees. Beehives. Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. How to remove bees. Recommended companies for live bee removal. How to get rid of bees. Bee migration and honey production. Bees in roofs, walls, eaves, etc.

Tom Carroll

I can answer questions on African bees and beekeeping and top bar hives.

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2017-03-15 Top bar hive:

Hi Cory,  Thanks for your message. Interestingly I am looking at the same thing myself at the moment for Ireland.  I keep top bar hives in Kenya and love them.  I love the simplicity of top bar hive beekeeping

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