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Marilyn Robb

Trinidad and Tobago
I am an educational psychologist and counsellor, with more ten years of experience in teaching, parenting, running support groups and workshops, teacher training and counselling. I would like to share my knowledge and expertise in issues particularly related to helping children cope with learning and the school experience.

Dr. Ted Baehr

I will answer question on how to teach children to be media-wise so that they will want to choose the good and reject the bad. This will involve questions on: the cognitive development of children with respect to the mass media of entertainment; how the mass media of entertainment works; how the mass media of entertainment influences children at each stage of development; how to help children develop standards; why some standards work and some do not; and, what are the reasons to make wise decisions. I am not concerned with learning in school except as it relates to media wisdom, although I have had significant experience and training in that area.

Deborah Robinson

I have a BA in Elementary Education (1-8) and Speech and an MEd. in Reading and Language Arts (K-12). I am a reading specialist. I also have a great deal of experience teaching children who are non-native English speakers. I am qualified to address teaching issues in all subjects K-8 and Reading and Launguage Arts at all levels. I am not qualified to advise people on higher levels of Math or Science. I`m also quite interested in using computers in the classroom as a teaching tool and have ideas and resources for integration of computer skills into each subject area.

Lynn McDermott

I am a retired reading specialist. I taught reading to children in grades 1-4 for 32 years. I can answer any questions from parents or educators about problems children may be having learning to read. I can also offer some ideas to educators, parents and tutors for teaching children how to become successful readers.

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