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Dr. Ted Baehr

I will answer question on how to teach children to be media-wise so that they will want to choose the good and reject the bad. This will involve questions on: the cognitive development of children with respect to the mass media of entertainment; how the mass media of entertainment works; how the mass media of entertainment influences children at each stage of development; how to help children develop standards; why some standards work and some do not; and, what are the reasons to make wise decisions. I am not concerned with learning in school except as it relates to media wisdom, although I have had significant experience and training in that area.

Lynn McDermott

I am a retired reading specialist. I taught reading to children in grades 1-4 for 32 years. I can answer any questions from parents or educators about problems children may be having learning to read. I can also offer some ideas to educators, parents and tutors for teaching children how to become successful readers.

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2016-11-07 What should a teacher do?:

It is still not appropriate to be speaking a language that no one iunderstands. The adult and child are in a school setting. The teacher is responsible for the safety of the child. Even if nothing inappropriate

2016-11-07 What should a teacher do?:

In that case, I do not think it is appropriate for the adult to be speaking anything but English to the child. It would seem to me that secrets were passing between them but even if that was not the case

2016-11-07 What should a teacher?:

If they are having a private conversation I can't see what the problem is.  If they are in a group where no one else speaks their other language, then I would talk to everyone about polite behavior when

2016-11-07 What should a teacher do?:

I don't see any that no wrong with the adult and atudent speaking in their native language unless they are doing it in front of a person who doesn't understand the language. That kind of behavior is rude

2016-10-10 10th grade, readong on 2nd grade level:

Hi Jill,  It is very admirable of you to help the young lady with her reading.  I do hope that you will be able to meet her in person because I'm sure it isn't easy to help her from afar.  I will certainly

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